Thursday, 10 January 2013

Blog Message From Rachel

Fancy a late Christmas present?

Well you're in luck. How about a personal blog message from Rachel herself.


Hello there, it's me, Rachel! Happy New Year to you all and hope you had a great Christmas.

I believe it's something like two and a half years since I did my last blog! But I was ever so slightly busy with a show called 'Wicked', which you may just have heard of?

It's been a few months now from my last show, and it feels like a very long time ago! I miss my Wicked family very much but I've had my own little growing family to be thinking of and getting on with. 

It felt like the right time to say thank you again to everyone who has sent us well wishes for our new arrival, which could be any day now! 

Also how truly overwhelmed I am by your thoughtful, (some handmade), beautiful presents for me and our baby. I also want to mention the amazing support shown to me by all of you who came to see me during my run in Wicked, who came from near and far and wide; not just from this country but from all over the world! 

It still takes my breath away! Truly amazing and I hope you all got to see my 'Thank You' video Troy and I made!

I won't babble on too much this time, as it takes some getting use to after not having done this for so long, but one other thing I want to say before I go, is that I've been in the studio most of this week, recording some tracks for my first album - Yeah!

Eventually I'm getting around to doing it! No release date as yet but I'll keep you posted....and also for those who've been asking please send any fan mail to my agents address on the blog.

Many many thanks folks, and it's good to be back! rachel x


Caro J the Soprato said...

I love your work Rachel and I am absolutely a huge fan. I came all the way from South Africa to see Wicked and you were absolutely amazing.Can't wait for the album :D

Caro J the Soprato said...
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Sophie___T said...

Hello, just wanted to wish you all the best for the arrival of baby and your new little family :) I've been a fan of yours since you appeared on I'd do anything. The first time I saw wicked I was very excited to see you perform but unfortunately you were ill, I was gutted! But Nikki was amazing tho! But then I came to see it again and your were fenominal! A different twist on the character combined with your amazing voice absolutely blew me away! Really want you and the cast to release a new official wicked soundtrack!! I'm currently studying Acting and look forward to seeing where my journey may take me, as risky and competitive as this industry is! look forward to your album! All the best, happy New Years. Soph x

Stephanie said...

Hi, I just wanted to say you're amazing. Your journey in Wicked was fab, seen the show 4 times! Good luck with the baby, you'll be a fantastic mum :)! So excited about the album! Stephanie xx