Sunday, 18 November 2012

Fans In Oz

No, not that Oz.

During Rachel's incredible run as Elphaba in Wicked she has wowed fans from all across  the globe and I recently received an email from Leanne who lives in Australia but saw our girl during a trip to the UK.

Needless to say she was blown away and she wanted to share her memories with us on the blog.

Thanks Leanne,

"My husband and I are from Australia (Oz but not the same OZ as Elphaba of course.. hehe ) and have just returned from a tour of Britain and Ireland. 

As an optional excursion we saw Wicked in London (17th October) and I had never hear of Rachel before this. I was immediately captivated by her voice and general presence on stage....also loved Gina Beck and I thought they had a great chemistry but there is just something about Rachel which has made me research her on the Internet. 

I have watched over and over her performances on IDA and any other You Tube Videos with "Wicked" Songs. 

I only wish I'd had the time to see her after the show and also regret not purchasing a program. 

Upon researching I discovered that Rachel has since left the show and whilst I have never seen the show other than this time in London, I am so pleased that I got to see Rachel as Elphaba. 

I cried during the last song 'For Good' and can only imagine how they must have had trouble keeping it together during the last show together. 

I wish Rachel and her husband all the best with their imminent arrival. 

Love from The Land Down Under. :)"

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