Wednesday, 17 October 2012

We Have Our Lyrics

Thanks for your help guys, we now have our lyrics for the sidebar pictures. Let us know what you think and if you come up with anything even more fitting feel free to let us know because we can always rotate them.

I'M THROUGH ACCEPTING LIMITS, "cause someone says they're so, Some things I cannot change, BUT TILL I TRY, I'LL NEVER KNOW !

And so we grace another table, And raise our glasses one more time, There's a face at the window, AND I AIN'T NEVER, NEVER SAYING GOODBYE

Somehow I've fallen, UNDER YOUR SPELL, And somehow I'm feeling, IT'S "UP" THAT I FELL . . . . . . 

And though you protest, Your disinterest, I know clandestinely. You're gonna grin and bear it ! YOUR NEW FOUND POPULARITY !


Laura said...

Loving the lyrics! I'm gonna be really fussy and say it should be "Your new found popularity!", I apologise as I study English Language so this jumped out at me haha! I love the new look though guys :) xx

Andy said...

That's fine Laura, I appreciate anyone letting me know if anything needs correcting. I've ammended it now.

The old blog was looking a bit dated & I'd received a few compliments for the layout of my Faye Brookes blog so I decided to use the same design.