Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rachels Days Off

I know a lot of you are hoping to see Wicked at least once more before Rachel soars over Oz for the final time on October 27th and therefore thought I should do an actual blog post detailing her days off between now and then.

As it stands Rachel will be away on the following dates:

Monday 1st October
Tuesday 2nd October
Wednesday 3rd October
Thursday 4th October

I'll do my best to keep you updated if there are any changes to the above.

I've been to a few West End cast changes in various shows and they are always memorable, emotional and special. This one promises to top the lot.

There are still tickets available so you still have chance to be part of what is sure to be an incredible night.


AND, we have a new contact email address. If you have any Rachel related queries or want to share anything with us please email:


Anonymous said...

I booked for the evening performance of the 27th..can't wait to see Rachel again!Is she performing both shows on that day?Just to be sure :)

Andy said...

Hi Holly,

Yes, Rachel should be performing both shows on the 27th.

Anonymous said...


ProjectTucker said...

Hi there, we have sent an email to the new email, but had no response.

Van Enkhuijzen said...

Does anyone know if Rachel will play this wednesday? We'll visit London from the Netherlands, and realy want to see Rachel!