Sunday, 1 April 2012

Rehearsing For A Cabaret YEARS Ago

It was always Rachels dream to play Elphaba in the West End and this very short video shows she was rehearsing for the part years before she got her breakthrough.

She might not be too keen on her blonde locks but there is no doubting she has always had THE VOICE!

Talking of THE VOICE, I was very surprised to see ex Elphaba Kerry Ellis on the BBC show last night and shocked not one of the judges turned around. Shocked mainly due to her reputation more than her performance on the night.

As Dan says in his comment, had it been Rachel I'm sure all for judges would have pressed their buttons before she got half way through her first note!


Dan said...

I love that she was always singing Elphie's part :)

Was quite shocked at how bad Kerry Ellis was on that show. - very pitchy and SCREAMING at the end?
I wouldn't have pushed my button.

As I said on twitter...

If it had been Rachel, she'd have gotten all 4 judges fighting for her ;)

Shellbell's Diary said...

Do you know when this video was made?

Andy said...

I don't know exactly but Rachel has the same hairdo she did when she had a small part in the film Accelerator which was filmed in 1999.