Thursday, 15 September 2011

Megan Meets Stacey, Pudsey & Rachel!

As you'll already know from our earlier post Queen of the jungle Stacey Soloman and Pudsey bear joined Rachel & co on Saturday 10th September for a Children in Need performance of 'For Good'.

Team Tucker member Megan was lucky enough to be there to witness this special occasion and was kind enough to write us a short report of her day:

First, Stacey Solomon arrived at stage door, in her slippers! Then Rachel came and she explained she was sick, even pointed out that her voice had half gone and said she wouldn't have been on that day if it wasn't for Stacey. After chatting to her for a while, she thanked us for cheering her up and I told her that whatever happened we'd support her.

In the actual show Rachel was amazing as always, despite being ill and hardly able to speak!

At the end of curtain call, Louise came forward and made a little speech explaining that Stacey would be singing "For Good" with Rachel. There were quite a few of us Rachel fans in the front row that day, and I am pleased to say the applause and cheers she got when her name was mentioned was much louder than the one Stacey got when she walked on! Stacey was dressed in a white dress (as you will probably see in the pictures) and when she walked on Rachel was pointing at her as if to say "doesn't she look amazing?!".. but we all know full well that Rachel is the stunning one.

When they both walked down onto the right hand side of the stage where the poppies come up for the lion cub scene, somebody from behind shouted "Go on Stacey!" so without thinking I shouted "Go on Rachel!" (she needed the support) and it was quite funny as none of the TV crew were expecting anyone to be cheering Rachel on! I'm half hoping they cut that bit out so I won't get humiliated on national TV.

Stacey was.. quite good, and needless to say Rachel was incredible. I was sitting very near to her so it was easy to see she was a bit starstruck! Even though I'd much rather have Louise there singing it with her, it was a nice thing to do for charity and gives us another excuse to see Rachel on TV.


Andy said...

Thanks Megan, I'll be listenning out for your 'Go on Rachel' on Children in Need lol.

Dan said...

Thank you so much for this! :) really enjoyed it! :)