Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Back to Oz

It had been nearly 6 months since I last managed a trip to Oz and had a chat with Rachel at the stage door, which in my book is about 6 months too long. However, last Saturday I finally returned to the Apollo Victoria for another ‘Wicked’ evening’s entertainment.

I was pretty sure Rachel was going to be on but it’s always a relief when you enter the theatre to find there are no cast changes for your performance.

I usually get a seat in the first 4 or 5 rows of the stalls but I was a little further back on this occasion in row L. Luckily I had a small child in front of me so I still had a near perfect view.

My last ‘Wicked’ visit was back in February so this was my first chance to see a few new cast members, Mark Evans (Fiyero), Zoe Rainey (Nessarose) & Ben Stott (Boq). My personal opinion is that they aren’t quite as good as their predecessors but they still did an excellent job. With the exception of Rachel who is clearly the best ever Elphaba, I’m not sure they’ll ever find a better Fiyero and Glinda than Oli Tompsett and Dianne Pilkington but it’s all about opinions and I know others think differently.

I had actually managed to work in this visit around a football match. I follow Bristol Rovers around the country with my Dad and last Saturday we were playing at Wimbledon – you may have seen the match as it was live on Sky, we won 3-2 . However it’s my Mum that loves musicals and especially Wicked so it was decided we’d all go. This meant my dog Max also had to make the trip. My Mum looked after him while my Dad and I were at the footy and my Dad was on Dog duty while my Mum and I were at the theatre.

After the show I ran back to the car to bring Max to the stage door to meet the cast. He was especially looking forward to a stroke from the West Ends number 1 leading lady - at least I think that’s what he said. He wasn’t disappointed because Rachel was surprisingly quick getting changed and soon emerged to greet her fans.

She really enjoyed meeting Max but unfortunately I didn’t get chance to meet Barney because although she’d had him with her earlier in the day he’d gone home after the Matinee. We talked about her wonderful new home and new Wicked contract and she also informed me I’d come close to meeting Hollywood royalty. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had been to the matinee.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Rachel again for being so lovely and taking the time to chat with me - and Max - at the stage door. You were as adorable as ever.


lau said...

Hi, i am going to see Rachel in wicked on the 1st October i have seen her 4 time because i think she is really great, i am just wondering how i go about requesting to meet the cast as this will be my last time i will be able to go as i will be 7 months pregnant so wont be able to go anymore and it would mean so much to be able to meet them as it would be something i could tell my little girl when she gets older.
Many thanks

Andy said...

Hi Lau, The cast are always happy to chat, have pictures taken and sign autographs at the stage door after the show.

You can find the stage door just along from the main entrance on the Victoria station side of the theatre.