Monday, 14 March 2011

Rachel at The Oliviers 2011

Rachel's appearance at last night's show might have been fleeting but if they were handing out awards for the most beautiful lady at the Oliviers she'd have won by a landside.

Also, it proved quite fitting that Rachel was there to present the audience award that she received on behalf of 'Wicked' last year as she was able to hand it over to her last show, 'We Will Rock You'.


Dan said...

ahh good this means I don't need to upload it! :)

They both looked stunning, Rachel looked glowing :)

Was lovely that Brian mentioned that Rachel had been in WWRY :)

Christine said...

I adore the Tuckman friendship!

Thank you for the upload...:)

Laura said...

elaine page has such a presence! rach and lou = beautiful! brian may = LEGEND!! yay for WWRY :D xxx