Monday, 7 March 2011

Now Might Be The Perfect Time

With Rachel extending her contract until December 10th it gives us another 9 month's to try and persuade the producers of this great show that now is the perfect time to release a UK cast recording.

They are attracting bigger crowds than ever at the Apollo Victoria, have just been declared 'Best West End Show' at this years WOS awards and have a stunning cast which includes our very own award winning leading lady.

I know many of you have already tried but lets keep trying and hope perseverance wins the day. Send another letter to the theatre at the address below:

Executive Producer, Michael McCabe
Apollo Victoria Theatre
Wilton Road

If you post on any West End musical or WICKED forums you could encourage other fans of the show to do the same.

Maybe you have friends or neighbours that would like to see this dream become a reality but they can't be bothered to write themselves, if so you could get them to sign a petition and include it with your letter.

This CD would be so popular it would create a new saying, it would no longer be 'sell like hotcakes', it would become 'sell like the UK cast recording of Wicked'.

Legally Blonde have both a US and UK cast recording of their show so why not WICKED. There is nothing quite like having a CD of the cast you've enjoyed watching in the theatre to bring back those fantastic memories.

Rachael Hughes is running an excellent Facebook page to promote our campaign so check it out by clicking on the link below.


Lets make this happen guys, I know we can do it!


Matt said...

I think we should also mention how we'd all love to see Rachel and Louise's contracts extended further too!!

Dan said...


I pity the poor souls who have to follow those 2

Christine said...

I vote YES...YES for a Wicked London recording, YES for Tuckman to continue through 2012!

Dan said...

i can't believe WICKED is not nominated for ANYTHING at the laurence olivier awards!!! what a joke :@

Christine said...

Lucky audience tomorrow evening! Rachel and Louise together after how long? Almost 3 weeks or so? With Louise out ill and Rachel on vacation, audiences haven't seen Tuckman in a looooong time!

Laura said...

anyone know roughly what time rach and lou will be on the radio on sunday? got a choir rehearsal and don't want to miss it if i can help it! i don't want them to leave, like, EVER!!! ;) xxx

Rachael.Hughes said...

Thanks Andy for the link.

I wrote to Michael McCabe last November when I started the page and received no reply so I am planning to write again soon to let him know numbers(just under 260)and to urge him again, I have also signed the Twitition(Link on page).
It's so frustrating that they havn't agreed to make one and it would be so great to have Rachel's vocals for it, I think she and Louise sound so lovely together.

When I asked Rachel herself about it she said

"Good question! Well that lies with the powers above! I know there has been a lot of interest in a London cast recording however I don’t think it’s something in the producers interest. I’m sure if it was possible one would have been done before now. But who knows? Maybe if there is a big enough noise made by a big enough amount of you then they might just change their minds!!! Personally-I would love it!"

I think it's great that so many people have already shown their support and continue to do so, Thank you x

Laura, it's broadcasting from 17:30 GMT and digital viewers can watch on the red button :)

Laura said...

thanks rachael! don't get back from choir til 7.30 though... ah well, sure i'll be able to catch up if i do miss it! <3 xxx

Adriana said...

hi! I am from Chile, Southamerika...and I'm trying to buy this CD. I saw the musical with Rachel Tucker, and I really falled in love with her hahaha

Now I listen the Soundtrack with Indina Menzel, but I really want to have the OST with Rachel.

Is there any chance yo buy the CD here in Southamerika, or in internet?? Please answer me!!! I'm trying to buy it but I really dont know how!!!

Adriana =)

Andy said...

I'm afraid there is no UK cast recording of Wicked Adriana. The one you have of the original Broadway cast with Idina Menzel is the only one available at the moment.

We are trying to persuade them that there will never be a better time to make a UK cast recording by writing letters to the theatre pointing out that Rachel is so amazing it would be a travesty for them not to make a UK Wicked CD.