Sunday, 6 February 2011

Wicked on Ice

Anyone who watched 'Dancing on Ice' this evening will already know that next weeks show will include a performance from the cast of Wicked.

My mind is spinning with possibilities right now but we are awaiting further details and confirmation of Rachel's involvement.

Watch this space.

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In other news, there are rumours surfacing that Rachel is about to put her career in musical theatre on hold to become a professional golfer. A scout named Barney was at this training session and according to reports he was very impressed.


Laura said...

I think our Rachel's singing Defying Gravity according to Twitter but I have yet to hear it confirmed by the lady herself :) hope it's true because her DG is just supercalifragalisticexpialidocious! xxx

David said...

Wow! This is going to be excellent!
Let's hope Rachel's skating skills are an improvement on my 'turning round before falling over' speciality.

Andy said...

Maybe she'll be singing DG from above the ice while Torvill and Dean skate below.


She'll be singing DG from on the ice while Torvill and Dean do one of their flying performances.

As long as Rachel's involved I know it will be great.

Dan said...

omgggggggggggg the one day i don't watch Dancing on ice lol
woohooo lookin forward to this! :)

Christine said...

Any idea how I can get to see Rachel's perfomance in the states? Will her appearance be on youtube due to someone's gracious efforts?
You guys across the pond are so doggone fortunate!

Rachel, you are such a gift to us all!

Stephanie said...

Good question Christine, I live in Belgium!


Andy said...

I intend to record the program next week to DVD and upload any Wicked/Rachel footage to my You Tube page. I will of course also add a blog post with the video.

Can someone please email me next Sunday to make sure I don't forget.

christine said...

Thank you Andy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so exciting. Can't wait to see Rachel on Dancing On Ice.
Lindsay & Jessica

Stephanie said...

Fabulous idea Andy!!
I will email you next Sunday ;-)!

EmilyR said...

I know where rachel was playing golf! My boyf occasionally goes to the driving range near us and i've been once or twice and last time we went they were totally re-doing the area, as you can see in the background. There can't be many golf ranges with 15ft piles of earth at the back of the range!!