Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Questions For Rachel

Thanks to everyone who has already sent in questions for me to ask Rachel when I make my next Wicked trip. As previously mentioned I will randomly pick 5 or 6 to ask her at the stage door after the show.

It's possible that trip may take place this Saturday so there are only a few days left to get your questions in. You can respond by leaving a comment or via email:


Please remember it will be about 11:00pm on what could be a freezing cold or very wet February night so they need to be questions to which Rachel can give a quick short answer.


Dan said...

Hi Andy,

Just checking you know this Saturday is the last day for Lee Mead, and some of the others.... so it will be busy if not already sold out!

i'm hoping to go this Friday :)

Andy said...

Hi Dan,

I do actually have a ticket for Saturday. I purchased it months ago when we thought it might be Rachels last show.

When I heard she was staying on I was going to sell it and plan a trip for later in the month so as I could go and watch my football team on Saturday. However, we were absolute rubbish last week and lost 6-1 so I decided I rather go to Wicked.

I had sort of forgot it was Lee Meads last show, could be chaos at the stage door. Hopefully I still get chance to se Rachel but if not the questions will have to wait until my next visit, which I'm sure wont be to far off.

Have a good time on Friday.

EmilyR said...

Andy, i too bought tickets a few months ago when i thought it was Rachel's last night, and had to buy 3 very expensive ones in the end as they were the only ones half decent and the seating chart wouldnt let me buy 2 only! My problem now is the 2 people i was going with cannot come, so unless I find someone else, i have 2 free tickets, and ticketmaster wont let me re-sell.

Am still excited to be going, this'll be my 3rd trip :)

Andy said...

Sorry to hear that Emily, I've had problems like that with Ticketmaster myself.

You could try selling them outside the theatre but don't be within view of the entrance because you're likely to get a severe telling off from a member of staff.

You probably wont get full ticket value for them but if you could get some money back it would be better than nothing.

Should be a good show, hope you have a great time; I'm sure you will.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have been following this blog and Rachel since the IDA days and I am FINALY going down to see Wicked on Saturday! Yay! Very excited and can't wait to see her.

Just want to say thank you for the Blog.....it's always great =)


Rosie said...

Seems like I will be seeing a few of you on saturday! :) Pretty sure stage door will be absolutely hectic.

Emily, if you want me to try and sell your tickets for you let me know... I may be able to get rid of one of both of them as i know a number of people who would want to go but didnt get tickets in time. Having said that though i may not be able to get hold of anyone but its worth a try.. Let me know if i can help at all, send me a message on facebook (Rosie Gamlen) or through either David or Andy and let me know about how much you'd want/accept for either ticket...and i can see what i can do! :)

EmilyR said...

Hi guys,

thanks for the advice, glad i'm not the only one who has trouble with ticketmaster! I have found one other person to go now, and may risk trying to tout my other one on the street, despite me being totally against that.

Will see a lot of you on saturday it seems, perhaps at the stage door :)

Dan said...

Saw Wicked tonight and it was.....
UNBELIEVABLE... like better than ever before. I'm actually still shaking after it!
Rachel was just spot on the whole show, her Defying Gravity was out of this world!!!
- she also did all my favourite riffs in No Good Deed and the 2 duets with Louise were just ok yeh again i'll say perfect :)

I also caught her eye a few times (although tried not to put her off or anything) and I swear she waved at me at the end lol