Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Rachel's YouTube Channel

Unfortunately Rachel is currently off ill at the moment and will not therefore be flying accross Oz tonight. There seems to be a lot of colds and flu around at the moment and it must be impossible to perform a role like Elphaba when you're feeling under the weather. Everyone at the blog wishes her a very speedy recovery.

She has however used this free time to set up a brand new YouTube channel. There are already a couple of lovely videos of her adorable dog Barney and no doubt more to follow. Check it out by clicking on the link below.


The link is also available in our 'Other Rachel Sites' section on the right of the blog.


Stephanie said...

The videos are so funny! Barney is just too cute!

Dan said...

i was gonna go see Wicked on Friday....
but I dunno what to do now cos if Rachel isn't on, i don't wanna see it :(

Stephanie said...

Did you bought your tickets already? Maybe you can sell them!
Wicked isn't Wicked without Rachel!

Andy said...

There are an awful lot of colds and flu around at the moment Dan and obviously you need to be pretty close to 100% to play Elphaba.

Selling tickets isn't that easy. I almost got arrested for trying to sell mine outside the theatre once. I arrived to find Rachel was off ill so I tried to sell my tickets out on the street. This guy comes out the theatre and threatens to get me arrested if I don't stop.

If you haven't got tickets I'd just suggest you keep checking her Twitter page and leave your decision to the last minute based on her tweets.

She is on holiday next Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday so it's possible she might not be back until Thursday 23rd.

Stephanie said...

Oooh whoops, haha, no good idea!

Dan said...

nah havent got my tickets yet, we were going to go REEEEALLY early in the morning to get the £25 front row tickets.... but I guess it's not worth the risk if Rachel is not there... or at least if she is she might not be 100%.
:( wahh lol

Dan said...

Rachel is now well again :)
- but unfortunately we didn't risk it so didn't go get tickets.
oh well next time! :)