Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Lee Mead Concert MP3 Downloads

As mentioned back in November Rachel performed at Lee Meads Christmas Concert at the London Coliseum on Sunday 19th December.

It seems these performances were limited to Rachel and Lee's Wicked duet 'As Long as Your Mine' and a solo of a song from the Broadway musical, Company called 'Being Alive'.

If you follow the below link - kindly sent to us by Alice - it will take you to a page where you'll be able to download the mp3 of these tracks, plus another mp3 of Rachel chatting to the audience.

Christmas Concert Downloads

The mp3 files featuring Rachel are towards the bottom of the page.


We did have one lucky reader - Christine - who managed to go to this very special event and she was kind enough to send us a mini review of her evening at the Coliseum:

Lee introduced Rachel and explained their personal connection with Tommy the UK tour. He said it felt strange to go from being in the ensemble together to starring in one of the most successful West End shows as Elphaba and Fiyero. He said Rachel was a great friend. She came on looking lovely, in a glittery white dress. They sang a spine-tingling As Long As You're Mine (without the kiss as Rachel noted her husband and Lee's wife were in !!) Rachel had a slight ad-lib at the end and said "for the first time... we're singing at the Coliseum". It was brilliant. Lee then left Rachel to sing a solo number. Rachel had a little chat about how it was Lee on Any Dream Will Do that inspired her to do I'd Do Anything, which she thanked him for otherwise she wouldn't have been led to play so many wonderful roles. She said it was quite nice that she couldn't see us all- must've been nervous! She then sang Being Alive, a Barbra Streisand version. It was a beautiful rendition.

Apparently after Rachel's bit, she joined the audience with some of the Wicked cast to watch the show. She then came on again towards the end. My friend and I spotted her in the wings, as Lee had asked for the house lights to go up so he could see everyone. It was quite some sight with a full standing ovation on 3 tiers. Rachel looked gobsmacked. Lee then welcomed her back onto stage for a bow.

It was a lovely evening and I'm glad I went!


Christine said...

Brilliant! I did send a review in to the blog the day after?

Andy said...

I didn't receive your review Christine. If you send it again to:


I'll add it to this post.

Dan said...


Laura said...

I remember when I saw Rachel in Wicked and she got a standing ovation (like that's surprising!) and she looked really chuffed and was saying thank you :) she's just lovely lovely lovely xxx

Irene said...

Thanks for the review Christine - and thanks to Ro for the downloads. I had planned to attend the concert but was thwarted by the snow! I did hear that it was a fabulous concert - glad that it went so well for Rachel and Lee:)

Christine Tsotsos said...

Thank you for linking us to Rachel's "Being Alive". I'm a brand new fan..from Florida..USA.
She has such an incredible voice and such a humble personality.
You are so fortunate to live near London allowing you to see her on stage.
Christine Tsotsos

faerie2 said...

Racel is pure perfection and wonderful in Wicked. I'm looking forward to see her in her next role. But not before I see her on Dec 10th!! Lee Mead? He is so over-rated. It's the blue rinse brigade who love him!!