Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Q&A With Rachel

Rachael Hughes, who recently went to see Wicked with her sister Claire and wrote us an excellent review of her day - which you can see a couple of posts down - also sent our Rachel some interview style questions. Being the absolute star that she is, Rachel responded and answered all of the questions in some detail, and Rachael - that's Miss Hughes not Miss Tucker - was kind enough to share those answers with us.

Q. Your fans love the individuality you bring to the songs through your riffs. Are they part of your planned performance or do they just happen when you’re in the moment?

A bit of both actually! During rehearsals there was so much to learn and get right and, as the music is simply amazing enough as it is, I didn’t feel the need to add more to it! But, I’ve found some little moments that, when it feels right, I want to say more with the song and music so I just let myself go that little bit extra!

Q. How hard is it to maintain your enthusiasm when you do so many performances of the same show? How do you do it?

Elphaba is a beautifully, complex character. To play it with truth and conviction every night takes a lot of processing both physically and mentally so there really isn’t a chance to be anything other than in the moment! However on those occasions that I’m not 100% I try to give just what I can and usually the enthusiasm happens naturally!

Q. The Wicked Day 2010 charity auction went really well. Were you surprised at how much your customised T-Shirt and jewellery fetched?

Yes! I didn’t watch any of the items on eBay so I only found out after, I was really shocked at how much they went for. So thanks to those who really did dig deep for a very good cause!

Q. You recently Tweeted that you couldn’t wait to see your “wee mummy’s face” did you have a nice time catching up with your family?

It was a gorgeous break with my family- we saw Billy Elliot which was fab! We also took Mum and Dad to Bath for a night. We had never been so it was such a culture shock, beautifully stunning!

Q. Many People would love to have your vocal on a London Cast recording, how would you feel about it if you were approached? Who has the power to make it happen?

Good question! Well that lies with the powers above! I know there has been a lot of interest in a London cast recording however I don’t think it’s something in the producers interest. I’m sure if it was possible one would have been done before now. But who knows? Maybe if there is a big enough noise made by a big enough amount of you then they might just change their minds!!! Personally-I would love it!

Q. Have you ever gone home with your green make up on? What would Guy say if you did/have?

No, but there has been water cuts in the building before and I think Nikki Davis-Jones had to go home green, he he he! No, we must take it off as it is part of our costume. Think Guy would laugh!

Q. How’s Barnaby settling in? Has he destroyed any of your shoes yet?

He’s been amazing! He’s house trained already and he obeys some basic commands, sit, down and stay. He especially loves his 2 new doggie hoodies!!! Which he chews on but no shoes...yet! Oh, but he loves my slippers!

Q. What would you say to any aspiring stars out there? Any words of advice?

Yes-Don’t give up! It’s a long, hard slog most of the time and I think it should be because you don’t realise but you learn most things along the way! You get to know who you are as a person and performer. Maybe try getting some qualifications in teaching that will make you your living when you’re not “so lucky”. And yes- luck has a lot to do with it-right time, right place and the right thing! But as my Dad always used to say to me “The harder you work the luckier you become!”

Thank you so much to Rachel for answering these questions and allowing them to be published.


Project Journal said...

WOW! This is really spectacular. I loved taking a break from homework and get to read this. Anything to do with Wicked London or even better Rachel Tucker will make me drop everything ; )

Guess what! The news as of Thanksgiving is that the odds are looking at possible for us to make a pitstop in London JUST to see Wicked this summer!!!!! YAY! As Glinda put it: "I coudln't be happier! Thank goodness!!"

: )


Andy said...

That's great news Hannah. I always complain about how hard it is to get to London but it's 100 times worse for you. I really hope you get to make that pitstop.

Interesting to read Rachels response to the UK cast recording question. It seems a bombardment of letters from us fans might be the only hope of making it happen. I'll have to do a reminder post about that after Christmas.