Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Wicked UK Cast Recording PLEASE

There has been a lot of discussion about the possibility of a UK cast recording of WICKED and one of our regular readers - Jessica - has suggested it can't hurt to give them a push in the right direction.

We think this is an excellent idea and would therefore like everyone to write a short letter to the Apollo Victoria explaining why you'd love to purchase this CD. The theatre's address is:

Executive Producer, Michael McCabe
Apollo Victoria Theatre
Wilton Road

If you post on any West End musical or WICKED forums you could encourage other fans of the show to do the same.

Maybe you have friends or neighbours that would like to see this dream become a reality but they can't be bothered to write themselves, if so you could get them to sign a petition and include it with your letter.

WICKED will never have a better Elphaba than our Rachel so surely now is the perfect time to release a UK cast recording of the show.

Legally Blonde have both a US and UK cast recording of their show so why not WICKED. There is nothing quite like having a CD of the cast you've enjoyed watching in the theatre to bring back those fantastic memories.

Rachel wont be flying accross Oz on her broomstick forever, so get writing.


Dan82 said...


Think I will do this!! :)

Andy said...

We know it's a long shot but it certainly can't hurt to try. The more people that send a letter, the more chance we have of turning this dream into a reality.

Anonymous said...

Get writing everyone!
Let's make this happen. : )


Project Journal said...

YESSSSS!!! This would be a dream come true, seriously!

*feverously writing to the Apollo Victoria*

Dan said...

I'm also gonna put that they should renew Rachel's contract, as they cannot get anyone better!!!

The rest of the cast too....
not including Madame Morrible lol

Dan said...

Ok I've done my letter! Full A4 page ;)

David said...

Excellent idea Andy! Jodie was one of the main selling points of the recent Oliver CD -- Rachel should sell at least twice as many ;-)

BTW IDA is currently being shown in Australia so a big welcome to any Aussies visting the blog!

Anonymous said...

Just posted my letter to the producer. Let's make him feel like Harry Potter when all the letters keep coming from Hogwarts!


Stephanie said...

Excellent idea!!!

I will definitely send a letter to the theatre, all the way from Belgium.
I would love to have a CD with the London cast and especially with Rachel's voice.
"Wicked" will certainly never have a better Elphaba than Rachel!


Andy said...

Thanks to EVERYONE who has or plans on writing to the theatre.

Don't forget to spread the word, friends, family, neighbours, colleagues,.......pets?? The more letters we can send the better.

Stephanie said...

I will ask my dog to write one too :-p!

Stephanie said...

I just posted my letter :-).
Now fingers crossed and wait!


Stephanie said...

There is a group on facebook, made by Rachael Hughes, for making a Wicked London cast recording!
I just joined this group.


maddybowen said...

Just shared on FB - now I'm gonna send the letter :D Great idea, definitely *_* It will be AMAZING listenin' to Rachel all day long *W*

( I've just planned to to an home-made CD some days ago, but the sound it's terrible XD ).

Lady Meg said...

I wanted a cd of Alexia.. :(