Monday, 25 October 2010

Dan's Matinee Review

As noted below, two of our top correspondents were at Saturday's matinee. Both have written reviews -- here is Dan's:

WICKED 23.10.10

I'd been raving about Rachel to 2 friends from Peterborough who were Wicked fanatics and they have seen it 8 - 10 times already; BUT shockingly had still not seen Rachel. So after my reports that's she's the BEST Elphie lol they decided to come down for a weekend and see for themselves. - My friend Kris also surprised his niece with tickets as she had never seen it.

We got up at 6.30 !!! to get to the theatre as early as we could.
The lady from the box Office said that people queue from about 9am on saturdays for the front row £25. - what a lie... people were there from 7am. Luckily the last 5 tickets they had were the 5 that we needed and were for the matinee.

We got back to the theatre holding our breath and fingers crossed but yes Rachel was on... Louise was on holiday which I knew but also we had Danny Mac as Boq again and the guy who plays Doctor Dillamond was playing the Wizard.

As the first song started there were shocked whispers "it's Lee Mead!"
For some reason, Lee was on as one of the Ozians at the start. I realised that even though Lewis is supposed to be part of the ensemble i'd never seen him... so maybe too many people were off sick so Lee had a bit of extra work to do. I also spotted Cassie Compton (Nessa Rose) in that scene as well.

From the moment Sarah Earnshaw came down in her bubble I had a feeling that it would be one of her best, she really just WAS G(a)linda.

Before too long it was Rachels time to come in and she didn't disappoint, doing her first few lines with perfect comic timing. For the Wizard & I it was almost like I held my breath as I wanted her to be at her best so I could be smug to my friends lol.
She performed it very very well although I could tell she had a very slight cold - I also heard her do a few little coughs but only as she was SO close to me, they werent audible over the microphone.

Loathing was hilarious, they really got into that one!

When Lee Mead came on... me and my friends looked at each other with shocked faces... how do I put this politely... his trouser region... was...uh... well I dunno maybe he got the new Marks and Spencers male wonderbra... if you know what I mean. The funny thing was I've never seen him with a bigger grin on his face for the whole first few songs he did!

Popular was the best I've ever heard it, Sarah went crazy! Especially when she shouted BALLL GOWWWWNNNNN the second time, I really couldnt stop laughing!

I'm not that girl was so stunning and sensitive :)

Defying Gravity was brilliantly acted and full of passion and strength, if I'm being picky a couple of the big notes at the end were ever so slightly off, but hardly noticeable really, just because I've heard Rachel sing them when completely well and they're always so spot on!
It was quite annoying during the quieter bits as so many people in the audience were coughing! I was almost tempted to turn round and go "SHHHHHH". haha.

During the break my friends raved about Rachel telling me that yes I was right (always like to be haha)

For the second half, I always feel as if the acting gets intensified and it's a lot more gripping and emotional. This was definitly following this trend! As Long As You're mine was just perfect, even better than the Michael Ball show performance!

The fight scene between Rachel and Sarah was brilliant and the acting led perfectly into my favourite song - No Good Deed. Rachel was totally in the moment, it was almost like I could feel the emotion from where I was sitting and I got goosebumps during the song... even almost had tears in my eyes by the end! "and THAT'S why I love her!" I said to my friends who were stunned by what they'd just seen.

There was a couple of funny things in the 2nd half... Nessa Rose said "Galinda" when she'd changed her name by then lol. One of the monkeys was really in character and playing and bashing one of the ensembles dress - also one of the others was picking at imaginary fleas on the other side of the stage. Also we looked up and there was another monkey suddenly pointed down at us haha.

At the end we all stood up and cheered for Rachel, I thought she half glanced at me... but couldnt be sure ;)
We noticed that there was no cheer for Madame Morrible lol no comment.

Excellent once again Rachel... now.... when can I go next? xxx


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan
Your review was brilliant. You summarised the whole show so well. You obviously could see a whole lot more from your front row seats than we could from ours. More than you bargained for by the sound of it where LM is concerned! LOL and LOL again! Glad your friends enjoyed it too. For me there will never be another Elphaba other than Rachel and I will be so sad if the rumours are true about Sarah. She really was hilarious on Saturday. So that was you I could hear who was hysterical over the ballgowwwwwnnnn? Ha ha just joking. Hope you can go again soon. Still can't believe you were there too.

Andy said...

I could have told you about the queue time for front row seats Dan. I got there at 7:30am once and got the last 2 tickets. You got lucky if you turned up at 9am.

You actually got doubly lucky because Sarah was on as well. She is just hilarious as Glinda. She always goes to town on that second BALLLGOWWWWNNN. I must see her again before she leaves.

Thanks for the great review.

Project Journal said...

You guys are making me sooooo jealous with these reviews!! Darn you for living so close!! Lol...

Yeah we could've told you about the queue time also! We were there at 6am on Monday morning to make sure we would get our seats. The best seats in the house was what we got, center front row....PHENOMENAL!!!!

Great review, you really made me feel like I was seeing it again, Dan so thank you for that. I had the same proud, goosebumpey feeling of awe and wonder when Rachel sang No Good Deed. She really knows how to sing that one!

Oh I could go on and on, but I'll spare you from that : )

Dan said...

Hi Andy, no we got there at 8am as we didn't trust her, thank oz we didn't lol

Chrissi said...

Great review!! Lee, George and Cassie are usually in the ensemble in the first scene. Every time!

Joy said...

I've just come across this and was there that Saturday but for the evening show and day-ticketed. Actually was second in queue but I was there from 5:30am so if you're prepared for a long wait and really want to make sure you get front row, then go really early! ;)