Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Jessica's Review

Hello my name is Jessica, I am 14 years old and I am a huge Rachel Tucker and ‘Wicked’ fan. I first saw Wicked in 2008 and although I enjoyed it, I was not desperate to see it again, despite listening to the music all the time. I enjoyed watching Rachel in ‘I’d Do Anything’ and when I heard she was Elphaba in Wicked I knew I must go see it again. I live up in Yorkshire and only get to London once a year so this summer my Mum, Dad and I arranged to see it again as a treat!

On the day I was so excited! When we found our seats some people were sitting them! After establishing that they were in the wrong seats, they moved and we settled down anxiously anticipating the beginning of Wicked. We were so relieved when Rachel came on stage and we realized it was actually her! We were blown away right from the start. Rachel is fabulously talented and it was a true privilege to see her perform. The whole new 2010 cast were absolutely amazing! Everything about the show was incredible. I cannot fully describe it but everyone was just perfect in their roles and made the whole show magical. The chemistry between Rachel and Lee Mead was electric and Louise Dearman was thoroughly entertaining as Glinda. I loved Cassie Compton as Nessarose and George Ure as Boq really brought something extra special to the performance. Whoever put this cast together needs a medal! The attention to detail and the amazing set all combined to make it everything a show should be and more besides. A show has never given me goosebumps before but this one certainly did.

After the show (which was a matinee) we waited patiently at the stage door. There were lots of people shouting for Lee Mead! Only cute George Ure came outside and he was lovely. I was so annoyed myself because I am just not pushy enough and didn’t get to meet him or get his autograph. I have definitely learnt my lesson and next time I am going to barge my way to the front. LOL. We waited was long as we could but then reluctantly had to leave. Pizza Hut and trains were calling our names! Since seeing the show in August I am kind of addicted to ‘Wicked’. I listen to it constantly and watch youtube videos. We even have ‘Wicked’ playing in the car on the way to school. My Mum and I are ‘plotting’ when we can come and see the show again.

Thank you David and Andy for running this blog. I love that I can stop by whenever I want and can keep up to date with Rachel and Wicked. Her performance on Monday on The Michael Ball show was faultless and wonderfully acted. I particularly loved the ‘Day Out In Victoria’ video that Rachel and Louise made. They seem such fun and good friends. I will forever think of The Gherkin building as The Cucumber thanks to Rachel’s comment! We laughed so much at this. I look forward to seeing the show again very soon and also keeping up to date with all things ‘Wicked’ through this blog.

From Yorkshire


David said...

Thank you for your review and kind words Jessica! I'm glad that you enjoy the blog and particularly Rachel's performance in Wicked :)

Dan said...

this made me smile, glad you had a great time! :)
was wondering if you know who you saw as Elphaba when you saw it the last time?

Project Journal said...

Aw, I'm so glad you had such a good time! And LUCKY YOU to live so close! Lol...I live in the United States, hence why we saw it three times when we were in London in July! Rachel is purely magnificent, there are definitely NO words to sum up her.

Thanks for this review to remind me of our great trip this summer!

Anonymous said...

Hello Dan
Thanks for your comment. When I saw Wicked the first time it was August 2008. It was not the girl in the programme so it must have been the Standby? She was really good but this cast have really brought the show alive for me.

Andy said...

Thats a lovely review Jessica, thanks so much for sharing.

Rachel doesn't come to the stage door after matinee performances because of all the work de-greenifying and then re-greenifying for the evening show so you did the right thing heading off for your pizza.