Sunday, 4 July 2010

Dan's Pride Video

Thanks to Dan for recording another superb video.

As at West End Live he managed to get right to the front. In fact any closer and he'd be on the stage.

Dan's review and exclusive soundcheck photos are in the post below!


Rosie said...

Brilliant video Dan... i think we make a nice little team - you film and i'll take the pics. Sorted!

Glad you had a good day, did you hang around to see the Hair performance later? AMAZING!!!!

Loved it!

Sorry i didn't get your message about what time i'd be getting there. I arrived with some friends just after 1 so caught a little bit of the soundcheck and got right to the front (in fact looking at your video i'd say we were probably standing pretty much right next to each other!)

Amazing day!

Dan said...

i was looking out for you, but didn't see you anywhere!!
haha yeh that's true, that's a great arrangement!

I thought u'd be coming to the back door to meet her!

i saw a tiny bit of Hair, but i had to leave, but saw them at west end live, so that's fine lol

Rosie said...

I actually ended up walking into her as she was charging off down the road! Did see people waiting at the door though. I was on my way to the park bit near the palace and on the (actually near impossible) search to find a queue short enough to get a bottle of water! But was pretty determined to make it back for Hair! Was brilliant, although they did the same set they did at WEL so you didnt miss much.
Aww was such a good day, wanna go and do it again! I've never been to Pride before but the atmosphere was just incredible!