Monday, 7 June 2010

Two great Rachel dates coming up!

Rachel will be performing at West End Live on June 19th and at London Gay Pride on July 3rd. There's a strong possibility that 'The Wizard and I' may be featuring!

If any of you lucky lucky London people get to either date, please send us any photos you can!


Dan said...

OMG she's doing BOTH of these!?!?!?

well I'm going to both so YAY!!!
I'm almost tempted to make a RACHEL banner! :)

Victoria Maginnis said...

Not able to make next Saturday but will be in London 25th June - 9th July :) :D

Fionna said...

ohhhhhh I'm going to West End Live!!!!! Rachel is going to be amazing :)

Dan said...

it looks like i'm going to West End Live on my own, people keep cancelling on me :(