Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Thank you from Rachel!

Rachel wants to say a massive, huge thank you to all the people who wished her a happy birthday, whether it was by card (including some beautiful hand made ones!), letter, flowers, gifts or on Twitter. She was really overwhelmed by the response - so huge thanks to everyone!

She would also like to send her apologies to all those who waited at the stage door on Saturday night -- she did have birthday plans and was running extremely late that night, otherwise like any other night she would have come out!

Rachel is loving doing every show and the support at the stage door and letters she receives are more than she had ever thought possible! The last 10 weeks have been everything she could have wanted from this role and more. She has now mastered Twitter so everyone is welcome to follow her and ask questions about the show etc.

By the way Rachel's Twitter address is:

Rachel's Twitter Page

ANDY - I would just like to thank Rachel for sending her apologies for not making the stage door last Saturday night and also for the personal email message she sent me via David. It really does mean a lot to know how much she cares about her fans. It's completely understandable that she had plans on her Birthday but hopefully I'll have more luck on my next visit which I'm hoping to coincide with a trip to Wimbledon (Tennis) at the end of the month.

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