Sunday, 20 June 2010

Another Great Review

Since Rachel took over as Elphaba, there have been so many positive comments that I've given up trying to blog them all. I do however particularly like this one. It's written by a guy called Hamza who appears to have been at both Westend Live and the matinee performance on Saturday.

Rachel Tucker (Elphaba)

This woman has got a massive pair of lungs on her! She is just phenomenal, singing and acting-wise. I can now see why she got the role after the previous Elphabas. Her acting is actually so believable. She had real tears or is a great actress, as when she sang Defying Gravity and No Good Deed, she had tears which made me really believe her character and go up on stage and give Elphaba a big hug(Obviously I couldn't as i had the orchestral pit in front of me, haha!)! Her singing. Well, what can I say? After seeing her in West End Live riff so much on The Wizard and I, in the Apollo Victoria, she made singing the songs so effortless. A pure unique voice, similar to that of Kerry Ellis' and she is just sensational. She has truly made the character of Elphaba her own!

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