Monday, 10 May 2010

Defying Gravity Audio

There are of course dozens of audience audios on Youtube -- many are very poor quality, but this recording is better than most and definitely worth featuring.

Also thought it worth including the accompanying viewer comments, just in case anyone was unsure of how audiences rate Rachel's Elphie!

bolty1704 She is just fantastic - need to book trip Number 4 to go see her in wicked now

asswhole239 omfg! i was at the performance the first time she did the growl on its me (the vids on my channel) and at the stage door i said to her wow the growl on its me in defying gravity was amazing! you should keep that :) and ever since she has done it! omg eeep! XD

JoshuaUK She's absolutely brilliant! can you upload TWAI?

tomscottmusic i was at this show!!! it was incredible!!!

JasmineFairy83 I was at this showing ... I love Rachel as Elphie, she is completely on Par with Kerry!
Aaah i just got goosebumps listening to this again x x

Munchkinland08 Ok for everyone who thinks she cracks or whatever and goes crackly on the its meeee.....
She does it on purpose :) and its amazing :)

WickedTheMusical1000 AMAZING! On Parr with KERRY 100% now :D Love the Growl And LOVE! the drums on the final note when it goes to blackout, it does like a double bang :D WOop!

ilikeurbumable LOVE HER <3 favourite Elphie :D

mazzisamazing WHATT A GODDESS <33 Rachel has done some pretty knockout performances since she started :) My new favourite Elphie :)


Filipa said...

I was at the show just the day before, and Rachel (and all the others) was absolutely stunning !
She made me laugh, she made me cry, she made me dream! Since then, I've spent hours on Youtube watching videos of her performances ^^
I'm going back to London in august and I hope Rachel will still be on stage at that time *_*

Dan said...

This audio is incredible especially the notes at the end!!!

....however.... for the
"it's the wizard who should be afraid.. of me" part...
WHY is it so polite and nice...

surely it should be like she's seething and angry.

Guilherme said...

I watched Wicked on 29th December. I enjoyed it SO much. Rachel's voice is wonderful. Her singing/acting is the best one I have ever seen. I have watched other musicals in the West End before and Wicked is definitely my favourite. I'm bringing my parents to watch it in June!!!