Sunday, 4 April 2010

West End Story - What Nancy, Joseph and Maria Did Next

OK, me again! I think David is having internet issues and Andy is still away... So I thought I'd just remind everyone about 'West End Story - What Nancy, Joseph and Maria Did Next'.

This BBC documentary comes as Andrew Lloyd Webber embarks upon his newest search to find Dorothy for The Wizard of Oz and is a chance to catch up with some of the previous contestants and see how they're getting on post-TV!

Obviously I have no idea whether Rachel will feature majorly or not, but even if she doesn't it may well be a good watch. And will hopefully bring a little bit of the IDA magic back to those, like me, who are missing the Nancys!

It's on Monday 5th April at 4:10pm, BBC1.

What better accompaniment to all of those Easter eggs?!


Dan said...

I can't believe they didn't mention Nancy at ALL! But then it MUST have been recorded before the WICKED cast were revealed or else they'd have said that Lee mead is now going into that.

I have to say.... i think Rachel is THE success story! 2 MASSIVE west end roles in 2 years and she didn't even win it!

Did anyone else think whatever that is that Lee is in currently looked shockingly bad?

Rosie said...

I think Rachel was away when it was filmed, so couldn't be interviewed... but yes, she is the success story! Leaving Daniel out was a bit of a shocker!

Dan said...

oh ye i forgot about Daniel!
i really should go see him and Cassidy (fave elphie) in Avenue q