Sunday, 25 April 2010

Nice Wee Review

Unfortunately I don't have the time to trawl forums etc for 'Wicked' reviews, but this one is from the 'Wicked London' Facebook group and it really deserves to be featured here.

Bear in mind that the Wicked fans are a tough crowd to please -- many have gone dozens of times and know every line and facial expression. The fact that Rachel is consistently getting reviews like this says it all.

Now rachel tucker:
This girl is just ridiculous ... I love alexia but she kicks her ass and I love Kerry too and I reckon rachel is on a level with Kerry for the singing and presence on stage but her acting and how she interpreted the role is sooooo much better than Kerry , rachel is much more real. Her wizard and I was breathtaking with new riffs flying in and growls ♥
Defying gravity I literaly felt sick at the end haha, that's how good it was.. The growls and just the power on those high notes is amazing and I've never heard those last end notes been hit so clearly ever by any elphaba to date. Finally her no good deed for me was the highlight of the show , you could tell it's her favourite song because she is soo in to it and I think I witnessed the best no good deeed ever ever ever seen. On the last verse she sang it like no any other elphaba she truly has took it and made it her own.. And she gives the song a we will rock you feel which I love! She's growling , she's holding notes longer and putting a rock attitude into it . The last note = perfection.


Also some more fan pics recently posted on the Facebook Group. The first is with Natalie and friend.

This one, taken at last year's West End Live, is particularly interesting, as it's the only fan photo I've seen of Rachel in full Meat costume.

Nicola commented:
'Me and Rachel as Meat! This was at the stage door area at West End Live 2009! She was really lovely and stopped for photos even though they were in a rush to get to their matinee performance!'

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