Monday, 19 April 2010

Diana Vickers

Completely off topic and I hope Rachel and the fans won't mind, but I'm going to do a shameless plug for someone else who came to major public attention via a TV talent show. Diana Vickers (like Rachel) finished fourth in her particular contest (in this case X-Factor 2008) and as Andy shrewdly remarked recently; 'fourth is the new first.'

Diana wisely refused to play the Cowell game and has forged her own career since X-Factor. She began with a series of nationwide PAs, supported by her impressive fanbase, whom she has cultivated expertly through online media and personal contact.
She accepted the West End role of 'Little Voice' to much acclaim, winning the best newcomer award and is now launching her music career.

Diana's debut single 'Once' was released for download yesterday and on CD today. It has already reached number one on Itunes but will face tough competition this week from Usher, so if you appreciate Diana's dulcet tones, please download or buy the CD (which contains the superb bonus track 'Sunlight', featured in 'Little Voice').

I've also resurrected the Diana Vickers Fan Blog -- check it out here:


Diana admits that she has a 'marmite' voice -- you ever love or hate it, but in my opinion it's better to sustain a career on a large, loyal cult following than be completely average and fade away.

If you haven't yet heard the single, you can play it below. Enjoy!

Just as a footnote, Diana got to number one with 'Once' on 25th April! Excellent result and well deserved. Her album 'Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree' is due for release on May 3rd. You can preview all the tracks on Diana's official Myspace:


Victoria Maginnis said...

Not to bring negativity to a good post, but personally I cannot stand her voice. It just doesn't appeal to me - and after seeing her in Little Voice, in the West End, I wasn't convinced of her acting ability either. However, I do congratulate her on doing so well after not winning a reality TV; just like Rachel.

David said...

Fair comment Victoria -- Diana certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea and I respect that. Wish I'd got to see her in Little Voice though!