Tuesday, 9 March 2010

IDA Updates -- Samantha

Samantha Barks, who finished third in IDA, accepted the part of Sally Bowles in Bill Kenwright's touring production of 'Cabaret', completing twelve months in the role.

She subsequently starred as Aladdin in Windsor's Theatre Royal from Dec 9th to Jan 10th 2010.

I asked her earlier today about her future plans and recieved this reply:

'Well I have just a few days ago been offered a Disney series called Groove High, playing the lead female Zoe, which I am very excited about and which I start filming for next month! So it will be half animated and half live action! So I am very excited as I have always wanted to be made into a Disney cartoon!!'

Sounds absolutely excellent!


Anonymous said...

Woahh sounds like big big news!! Does England have their own Disney channel or am I going to see her on my own television?

David said...

Hi Jess, yes we do have a UK Disney channel but I'm not sure where this will be shown. For a bit more info check this link:

Jenny_bean said...

sooo proud of Sam!! Supporting her all the way and can't wait to watch it!! :D - Barkateer Jenny x