Monday, 22 March 2010

Rachel at the Olivier Awards

Rachel and Louise attended the Laurence Olivier Awards at London's Grosvenor House last night. Here, along with executive producer Michael McCabe, they accept an award from Elaine Paige on behalf of 'Wicked', voted most popular show in the audience awards.

Oh and I'd just like to add -- seven days to go!!!!!

For full coverage of the Awards click here:


You can also listen to the BBC Radio 2 coverage of the event for the next 6 days via BBC Iplayer. Unfortunately this may not be possible if you live outside the UK.

Presented by Paul Gambaccini along with a certain Jodie Prenger, you can hear the programme by clicking the link below. Rachel reveals that it takes 30 minutes to put her Elphaba makeup on. I'm tempted to say that's not unusual for some people, but I've decided not to.



bloom2507 said...

Last night was so cool, Rachel looked just a little shy on the stage that obviously was very sweet, and I think it just shows how down to earth she is.
I also loved the full circle that saw Rachel picking up a Laurence Olivier award for Wicked, that won against one of Lord Andrew LW's long lasting masterpieces Phantom of the Opera. It is just one of those little guilty pleasures, when you think back at the attitude of 'the Lord' towards some of the contestants of IDA. Can't help it, I can't fully forgive 'the Lord'. I am just so chuffed... Witches vs Phantom = 1:0 :)

David said...

Can't entirely argue with your judgement bloom, but being philosphical I'd say IDA opened many doors for Rachel that might otherwise have remained closed. Her treatment on IDA wasn't always fair, but it's worth noting that two years on, only one contestant has a major role in a West End production, and the biggest and best role at that.

meluvharibo said...

Ditto David, I could not agree more.

Jo Sharp said...

Did you hear over 100,000 people watched it?? Can't believe that Michael McCabe guy got Dianne Pilky's name wrong - call yourself the PRODUCER?? She's been there 3 years!!!

David said...

You're right Jo -- pretty major blunder there -- nerves?