Friday, 26 March 2010

Official Elphaba Pictures !!

Luke who looks after marketing and promotions for WICKED was kind enough to send us these excellent shots of the new Elphaba:


David said...


Andy said...

That's the exact word that sprung to my mind to David.

David said...

Worth mentioning we've had over 1000 hits this week and over 94k since we began. Not bad for a blog we initially thought would be viewed by two people!

meluvharibo said...

Thats excellent news David, congratulations to both you and Andy.
These are fantastic pictures, thanks for getting hold of them of what seems to be before anyone else.
Am ever more excited for Monday now!!!

helen said...

She looks amazing!! Oh I so can't wait to see this. Good luck for Monday, Rachel, if you're reading this! Not like you need it!

And congratulations on the hits, Andy and David--you guys totally deserve it!

It's amazing, actually, that Rachel has not only managed to keep the loyal IDA fans that she's had now for nigh on two years, but has picked up literally thousands more fans along the way. It's testament to how awesome she is!

Keep up the good work one and all!

bloom2507 said...

She looks gorgeous, and not in a glamours or superficial way. She looks gorgeous in green and so expressive. I think facial features-wise, she is the best Elphaba Wicked London has ever had, with a mix of sweet and fiesty, matter-of-fact and awe. She is Elphaba's portrait 'true and truely'.
CONGRATULATIONS to Rachel and to the BLOG!! This is a lovely place, so glad you guys got around to make it possible, and I think the hits can only grow... new server ahead??!! :)
And, last but not least, it's Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meluvharibo said...

I could not agree more with you bloom. I'm only half hour away from London on the train now.
I am so excited today has finally arrived!!!!
See you all there.