Friday, 18 September 2009

Thanks and Happy Birthday

First of all I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who contributed pictures, audios and accounts of Rachel's last WWRY night, particularly Rosie, Julz, Victoria, Luke, Kirsty and Bex.

Saturday was a huge milestone in Rachel's career and I'm so glad that so many were there to support her and mark the occasion with so many great photos and audios.

Needless to say we'll be continuing to update you on the next phase of Rachel's career which already includes TV appearances.

I also want to wish Katie who runs Jessie's blog a very very happy birthday today.

Both blogs started within a month of each other last year and have continued to feature anything and everything on Jessie and Rachel's incredible journeys since IDA.
Katie does a fantastic job and it's a real privilege to know and work alongside her.

Happy Birthday Katie!!!!

1 comment:

jb said...

May I second that please David ? Warmest birthday wishes to Katie,have a fantastic day-mine's a glass of champers please.

Rosie-btw,that was an excellent review!
Hope everyone is well.