Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Rachels Belfast Hen Night

Been a long time since I have blogged any news about Rachel for you guys but hey; why get the news second hand when the lovely Rachel can tell you all about it herself; and what a year it has been for her from being so close to getting the part of Nancy (which I'm glad she didn't get as she has so many more opportunities ahead of her and off her own steam)to guest appearing at ALW birthday bash at Hyde Park, celebrating WWRU anniversary by performing live on stage with Brian May, being part of West End Live, Belfast Proms and the many other endless Charity functions she has supported and given her time to, the list just goes on. However! I have to tell you all about the wonderful day I shared with Rachel and family on her Belfast hen do.

I was planning on going to her big hen night out in London but I have now moved back home to the motherland of Belfast as I was getting tired of London and have come home to the bossom of my family for support and a bit of freedom. Needed now more than ever as I am now expecting my 2nd baby due in the new year. So, much to my delight rather than afternoon tea at a swanky London hotel and dinner, cocktails and some dancing later that evening all of which I would struggle with being PG. I got to join Rachel and Co at the tres posh 5 star Culloden Hotel in Belfast spending the day at the Spa...perfect!

I arrived at the hotel where Rachel was looking stunning as always beautiful, slim and beaming with excitement about her special day. It is the first time in about 10 weeks since I'd seen Rachel since I'd left London and so she was very keen to have a good look at my growning bump which was was just a tiny little twinkle in my eye last time we met when I'd announced to Rachel I was expecing number 2. I thought she was gonna cry she was so happy for me.

Anyway on with the Hen do. The afternoon started off with some pictures being taken and some interviews of Rachel and her guests by some of the local rags. Oh loving the lifestyle and how glad was I to have put my face on before I left the house. We were then given complimentary bedrooms for the night including breakfast. Well that was just the icing on the cake for me as I never would have imagined ever getting the opportunity of staying at this hotel never mind at their own expence. We then headed down to the spa were a light lunch was waiting for us. After lunch we all chose our treatments and got into our robes and slippers and wasn't long before we slipped into the lovely warm Jacuzzi for some girlie chat and chilling out as we were all tired mummy's in need of some tlc. We noticed Rachel had disappeared with her also pregnant sister Margaret and they seemed to be taking a while. I started thinking how Rachel was missing the beginning of her spa experience when she then appeared dressed up in her Hen gear and a glass of champagne grinning from ear to ear. She said "Oh we just popped up to the room for a couple of glasses of champers" when Margaret attacked her with a pink top hat and pink veil. Thats what sister are for! and so the pampering began, facials, massages, manicures and pedicures. I didnt want it to end but the time had flown by and it was time for us all to get ready to go out for our meal.

Well rested, relieved of aches and pains and diplaying many sparkling finger nails we put our glad rags on and went for dinner. Just as we were entered the restauraunt Rachels cousin Teresa severly twisted her ankle walking down a set of steps. It was thought her ankle was broken until the ambulance arrived at the dinner table. when someone shouted "Oh here's the Stripper" The paramedic beamed but took it in good jest. They wanted to take her in but Teresa who was tolerating her painful injury suprisingly well with a few gins lol, refused to go as to not spoil her cousins big day. So the drama was over for the evening but the comedy came in droves with Rachels mum, sister and aunts providing some fantastic entertainment. Now I can't possible divulge any more info regarding conversations or actions as what happens on a hen night stays on a hen night but be assured Rachel was very well behaved. She wasnt exactly legless but no matter cousin Teresa was providing that role for her lol. She won't mind me taking the mick she was an amazing patient all night even when we arrived at the Culloden and they provided a wheelchair for her to sit in.
I didnt expect to see Rachel at breakfast as due to form she had a busy schedule ahead and was to pick Guy up from the airport to agree on her final preparations for her reception at the Dunadry Hotel. However the flight was delayed so the slightly fragile Rachel could enjoy a hearty breakfast before heading off to her appointments.

Rachel is so looking forward to her big day tying to knot to Guy her beloved fiance. I am told there will be about 140 guests on the day as Rachel has such a large family and friends. After being grilled by her aunts about what famous people will be there Rachel told us that some of the Nancy's have been invited on the day but other than that it will just be family and friends. She is keeping many things close to her chest about her new job, the big day dress, colour scheme, food entertainment so I cannot wait to see how it all pans out. Although thats all extra curricular the important thing is that Rachel and Guy make their special vows to each other infront of all the important people in her life and have this amazing 2 years end with the biggest dream Rachel has; marrying her Guy and looking forward to their special life together and a loving and supportive husband and wife.

I have no photos of the day but there is an article about her Hen do in todays Belfast Telegragh although I could not find it online. I believe there will also be something in the Sunday Life as well. If I get hold of any pictures I will surely upload them.

Thanks for a fab day Rachel. I am delighted to have been able to share it with you and can't wait to see you walk up the isle. there will be no shortage of photos that day be sure of that!


David said...

Thanks a million for this great post Karen. Sounds like a brilliant day and lol at the stripper comment! I've added a pic of the Culloden Hotel and will feature the Belfast Telegraph and Sunday Life articles if at all possible.

helen said...

Sounds like fun!! And congratulations, Karen!!

Andy said...

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at that one lol.

Thanks for the write up Karen.

Sarah J said...

Excellent write up!
I love new blog posts aboot Rach!

and congrats Karen too :) Xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting. I'm glad that you all had such a lovely day (poor Teresa's ankle not included!).

I'm really happy that she's so excited about the wedding. It's very endearing that she's not letting the stress of organisation overwhelm her but just focussing on the happiness of it all.

Victoria Maginnis said...

Aww! Sounds lovely :D I met rachel on friday @ stage door and she was sooo nice :) so booked another flight to see tomorrows matinee! so i'm a rather poor 16 y-old atm :) i hope she has a lovely wedding day :D xx

Strippers said...

Wonderful information ... thank you for sharing it with us!

stuart bridge said...

Sounds like she had a great time! and wasn't too naughty! My MRS to be has me searching for a pink limo for her and her gaggle to go out in their theme is pink! anyway good luck for the big day!

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