Monday, 1 June 2009

Happy Birthday To Us!!!!!!

Hard to believe but it's a full year since Andy and I decided to set up a blog for a contestant on a BBC show called 'I'd Do Anything.'

At the time we really didn't expect anyone except us to read it -- a year on we've done over 360 posts, had over 72k hits and featured numerous updates from the lady herself.

We've jointly or seperately been to the Proms, Hyde Park, Gay Pride, picnic in the park and WWRY (twice) all as a result of this blog.

We've met some great people (not least each other lol) with particular mention for Karen, Rosie, Katie & Jackie. And of course Rachel herself who has had a deservedly incredible year.

I want to thank everyone who has visited the blog, left comments, joined Team Tucker and the Facebook Group and generally made our little site the amazing success that it has become.

Rachel's career has really taken off since IDA and we'll continue to document her achievements far into the future.

Happy Birthday To Us!!!


Anonymous said...

haha i was just going to mention it's been 1 year ago today since the IDA final. Sad that I know that? not sure lol

Congrats guys!!

Rosie said...

Aw look at me with my spesh mention :)
Thanks, and congratulations!

Andy said...

Now we have 2 Birthdays a year does that mean we get twice the presents lol?

Sarah J said...

Im soo glad you guys set up iss site, withoot you a would never hev known aboot e stage door and a would never hev gotten till meet Rachel!!
Congrats! :) Xx

Cathybabe7733 said...

Gosh I cant believe its been a year since this blog started!
Time flies!
Congrats all!

jb said...

Belated Birthday wishes!!!! don't suppose there's any cake left ??...ok...then I'll have another cup of tea, if I may !