Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A Brief Encounter With 'WhatsOnStage'

Whats On Stage were also lucky enough to get a short interview with Rachel ahead of the Hampton Court Festival this Thursday. Here is what she had to say:

Tell us about the Hampton Court Festival
Hampton court festival happens every year in the grounds of Hampton court and for the month of June there is a collection of vastly different musical evenings of entertainment from classical to musical theatre, pop to jazz.

How did you get involved?
I was asked to headline the Best of Broadway evening with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by David Firman and I almost choked with excitement! Since moving to London six years ago that was one of the first festivals i longed to see and had always wanted to go, but then to be asked to DO IT was such a fantastic and delightful shock! Everyone who has been involved to organise it so far have just been truly brilliant!

The evening is titled 'Best of Broadway' - what's your favourite Broadway musical?

Favourite Broadway musical? Oh that's a hard one! Well my first visit to NY was actually a bit of a trick on my part! I suggested to my mum and sister-who love to shop 'why don't we take advantage of the Christmas holiday deals and do our Christmas shopping in New York City?' Well they fell for it and off we went for five days but when we got there all I wanted to do was to see this brand new musical that everyone was talking about - Wicked. Well I've never cried so much at a show in my life! Just amazing! but that same week I did also see Cabaret so that would be a close second.

Are you enjoying your time in We Will Rock You?

I'm loving WWRY - it's been such a fantastic year there. What a great show to put as your first West End musical!

Are you still in touch with any of the girls from I'd Do Anything?
I'm in touch with most of the girls, yes. It's been great actually because we've all managed to stay in touch even though some are away on tour. In fact I'm meeting Fran today for lunch – it's my birthday! But I see Jessie quite a lot (or Buckers as i like to call her!) as we're both working in town and I'm seeing Jodie in between shows on Saturday.

What advice do you have for aspiring musical theatre actresses?
I think you need to know that this is the only career that you could possibly want to pursue - nothing else will do and that you don't mind the day jobs in-between the jobs you really want! It's a wonderful profession to be in and I'm privileged to be involved in it but if you believe 100% you're right for it and truly know in your heart and believe that you're good enough? Then never give up!

What are your plans beyond We Will Rock You?
There are a few things in the pipeline - my wedding for one! It's in Belfast in September and I just can't wait! Then a honeymoon of course - thinking Thailand for a few weeks - but work wise nothing signed and sealed. As we know too well a job's never definite until you're at your first day of rehearsals. But I hope to do new, fun and exciting things next year. Would love to do some Shakespeare or a play and some telly! But what actress wouldn't?! But it's been great being at home in London with my fiance planning our wedding - where has the year gone?!

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holz said...

I went last night for my grandpas birthday IT WAS AMAZING!