Thursday, 2 April 2009

Update From Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello campers!!! Back from the dead? No just been very busy with work and wedding planning-very exciting! I didn't know how exciting it could be! Got most of the important things taken care of; church, reception even the DRESS, now all that i need is someone to marry!!!. . . . . . (Good job my Guy has a sense of humour!)

Well, It's been almost 7 months from the start of WWRY and I'm still loving it! Unfortunately I've been off all this week with an injury to my ankle(did it before the matinee on sat) and won't be back for another few days at least, but it does give me lots of time to sit with my leg up and write you a line.

As some of you might have noticed our cast has changed ever so slightly in the past few weeks. Weve got two gorgeous new cast members, Ashley an Shara who are just fab and are lovely! I'v been on quite recently for Scara a few times which has been great fun and then the tour has just begun up in Manchester with none other than our lovely Ashley Russell!!! Wanna wish her an all the cast a fab UK run, but I want her back soon cause i miss her!!! .

So its all go go go on the WWRY front but bubbling away on the boil are some other things that have been keeping me busy. So Jest End for one! Its on at the Players Theatre from the 23-25 April at 11pm (yes after the show!). Written by Rock You's very own talented Gary Lake (Pop, its a very funny 60 minutes of musical parody on West-End Musicals of the moment. If you want something funny and fresh that you havent seen before, then get your ticket (almost sold out!)-its gonna be a hit!

Also easing our way into summer on Thursday June 11th I'll be singing at the gorgeous Hampton Court Palace Festival with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in a night of 'Back To Broadway'! How exciting is that???-Just not sure how many Broadway songs I know! Well i'll have to get my thinking head on! Haven't had to think of songs in a while-all suggestions welcome!

So bye for now. Hope you're all well and still rocking on! And maybe i'll see some of you at one or both! of the above mentioned. Ps for those of you who like more of a serious piece for a night out then check out my Guys new play-Future Me by Stephen Brown at the Only Connect Theatre 1-26 April (see Only Connect website) near Kings Cross-ITS STUNNING! Starring Rupert Hill from Coronation Street. But be warned, its not for the faint hearted! Talk soon x x x


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rachel!

Can't help but feel rather proud of myself now for noticing the new cast members!

Really hoping to make it to Hampton Court, that's gonna be incredible. Does anyone know if its the same concert performed over and over or if it's a different line-up every night?? Sorry if thats a dumb question, absolutely exhausted!

Anyway, before i risk blah blah-ing on into the realms of nonsense i should just say THANK YOU VERY MUCH RACHEL, very good to hear what's going on with WWRY & summer plans! And Guy's show as well, definitely gonna look into that. And well done on the dress!
Oh, and i hope the ankle gets better soon.

(google thing not working..but this is Rosie btw!)

Anonymous said...

(Just realised i WAS being stupid regarding Hampton Court and it's quite clearly different every night... everyone feel free to ignore that!)

jb said...

Wonderful to hear from you Rachel ! Congratulations on all your success.
My diary is looking chokka again with all these events -not quite as chokka as yours though !
take care,especially with that ankle-but perhaps enjoy a bit of a rest (?) too ! Glad wedding plans are in hand..lists lists lists!
all v. best

Andy said...

It’s great to hear from you Rachel. I’ve been crazily busy lately too and now leave most of the blogging to David but I don’t want you to think I’ve deserted you because I will always be a massive fan. You don’t get rid of me that easily lol.

David and I were disappointed not to make it to the Dominion on March 9th but as it turned out you didn’t perform that night and I know the show wouldn’t have been as good without you so maybe it worked out for the best. We will definitely be back for another Team Tucker outing in the summer.

Glad to hear you’re getting everything organised for the wedding and if you hadn’t already found the right ‘Guy’ I’d be more than happy to step into the breach lol. I’m already looking forward to those wedding photos because I know you’ll look absolutely stunning; you always do.

My busy schedule consists of bookkeeping and VAT returns but if I’m honest I think WWRY, So Jest End, Hampton Court Palace Festival and a wedding sounds slightly more exciting.

I also have an injured ankle picked up in a 5-A-Side football match last Sunday. It seems to be getting better every day though and I hope you too are well on the road to recovery. With everything you have coming up you will need to be fitting fit.

I have the feeling 2009 will be another magical year for you Rachel.

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Whoo! An update from Rachel!!! Sounds cool all the things you've got lined up! And I'll be seeing Ashley in Manchester! can't wait! xx

Rosie said...

I'm booked to go to Hampton Court festival for my birthday!!!! 11th June I am so there!
Somehow we managed to get a promotional booking code!! So excited!

Katie said...

Great update from Rachel :)! Sounds like everything is going brilliantly for her.
Now all I need to do is persuade a certain Miss. Buckley to do the same updates!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update RT! its always great to hear from you:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the wedding, hope it goes beautifully and just the way you want it to be! god bless

Why don't you perform songs like

As If We Never Said Goodbye
Learn To Be Lonely
You Must Love Me
As Long As He Needs Me
Defying Gravity (!!!!!!!)

I don't live in the UK, so unfortunately will not be able to attend, but will look forward to any video and audio that will be featured on the blog. Thanks David and Andy!

xjellymixx said...

It's good to hear from you.I'm Robyn and i'm new at this =)
I hope the wedding goes well and i'm sure you'll look lovely.
Mabey you could sing something like:
Don't rain on my parade
I dreamed a dream
Defying Gravity
All that Jazz

Best wishes. p.s I'm coming to WWRY for the first time soon(first time ever to westend)Cna't wait =)

Sarah J said...

Only just figured out how till make comments on these posts... computers really arna ma strong point!
Its lovely to hear from ye rachel, was just watchin that video of love shine a light, swear ive watched it like 7 times now a canna get enough o it!
I really wish i lived nearer London so a could see all iss events, its great till see your career takin off big time!
a really hope all yer weddin plans are goin till plan :) you'll make a beautiful wee bride!
Just recieved my tickets for We Will Rock you in Edinburgh i cant wait to go and see Ash! If i can find a stage door ill be there for sure. Cheerybye :) Xx