Friday, 24 April 2009

So Jest End Gala Night

Some great pics from last night's 'So Jest End' Gala Night.

Celebrity guests included Kerry Ellis, Samantha Janus and Jessie, Sam, Niamh and Sarah from IDA.


AnnaaP said...

:o wow, wouldn't you just love to have gone. Buckers, Barks, Tuckers AND Perry are all total legends lol!

jb said...

A fantastic evening for all no doubt-
any one go-(Rosie !?)
Brings to mind potentially seeing the three-Jessie,Rachel & Niamh in 'Boys in The Photograph',one of these days...go on ALW you know you want to !


Anonymous said...

awww Rachel looks so cute as zac efron haha! seems like it was a lot of fun..

niamh and sam look, well.....healthy! lmao oh jk!

Rosie said...

Jackie -I was actually planning on going, not on the gala night but one of the nights after that as tickets were only £10! But i couldn't.. lack of free time. Oh well. Brilliant pictures though! x

jb said...

hey Rosie-yes,a similar situation for me too-it would've involved being in three places at the same time.
Thanks to David as always,here & katie over on the jbfb (plug plug..hhaaa) for the updates! Jackie