Sunday, 15 March 2009


Realistically, I don't think there's much to say anymore about just how phenomenal We Will Rock You is, and especially how fantastic Rachel is as Meat.

HOWEVER, I couldn't resist sharing a few fantastic moments from last night's performance!

I've now seen the show four times, and I have to say it just gets better and better. The whole cast are electrifying - they make every single second of the show exciting, funny, interesting and jaw-droppingly fantastic.

The whole cast were present last night (with the exception of Ricardo...Hmmm..whatever, over it)..So Jon Boydon who I've seen before played Galileo.

WOW he is simply incredible. He has such great comic timing, his voice is unbelievable... anyone who didn't know he's Ricardo's understudy could be forgiven for believing that he's been in this role his entire life! His chemistry with Sabrina (Scaramouche) is absolutely fantastic and best of all you can tell he is loving every second. Actually no, best of all he is an absolutely LOVELY person! He's so so so nice, so friendly and chatty..asked whether we'd enjoyed the show and then asked me if I was likely to go back sometime soon (!!!!!!!!!) So really, all in all, I'm pretty smitten with Jon!

Sabrina was fantastic as per usual. Her voice is magnificent and she is so funny! Favourite line definitely the one about the rabbit in the bowler hat cooking an omelette! Oh, and 'They think I'm a lesbian because I don't wear pastels'... AND (when Galileo says he likes the way she dresses) 'Oh that's nice....except, coming from a self-confessed nutter,'!

We waited at the stage door for her for ages...Gary Lake (Pop) told us that she was getting ready for a party but would be down soon.. so eventually she turns up dressed as a vampire in a corset and bowler hat! She was clearly not expecting anyone to be waiting for her, but nevertheless she signed people's programmes and posed for photos!

Mazz Murray and Alex Bourne were (as the review below says) a dream team.. as per usual. Last time I saw WWRY Mazz was off and we had Lucy Tapp instead. However, Mazz was back on form last night. She was brilliantly funny, her voice.. Wow! As I told her afterwards "you have one of the most phenomenal voices I've ever heard in my whole life!" and she said "Aw thank you so much, you're lovely, you've made my week!"

Alex was also very funny, and his 'Seven Seas of Rhye' is always one of the highlights for me...absolutely fantastic.
Gary Lake too was SO funny. Obviously some of this credit definitely goes to Ben Elton and his comic GENIUS! But you can't teach comic timing and Gary has got it just about right. (oh, and also a lovely guy!)

There are definitely three dream teams in this show.. made up of the principle roles (excluding Pop)... Galileo & Scaramouche, Killer Queen & Khashoggi and Brit & Meat.
Rachel and Ian (Brit) were absolutely AWESOME last night!! Their 'I Want it All' was my favourite part of the show this time round...and 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'. They are so energetic, you can't help but dance in your seat as soon as they arrive on stage.

Rachel's perfect 'No One But You' was once again phenomenal. I don't know how she does it! Absolutely brilliant - and she's added in some bits to further to distinguish her Meat from Kerry (Ellis)'s and Lucy (Sinclair)'s. She really was every bit as fantastic as every single review I've ever read on the WWRY forum (and of course on this blog) has stated.

So.. Stage Door! Managed to catch Rachel, Mazz, Ian, Jon, Gary and Sabrina.. Just missed Alex.
Have to put the pictures in a different post for some reason. Apologies as I look like an absolute fool in every one of them.
(Yep having just looked at them again I'm going to select the halfway decent ones only!)


David said...

Tell you what Rosie you can certainly teach the rest of us a thing or two about stage dooring. Just look at that gallery of lucky lucky cast members queueing up for their Rosie pics. Glad you had such a brilliant night!

holz said...

I saw Jon Boydon when it went aswell, he is awesome!