Thursday, 12 March 2009

Another Great Rachel Review

Seems like WWRY fans just can't stop raving about Rachel. Here's a review of the 7th March show featured on the WWRY site. Thanks to Rosie for spotting this.
Rosie and her friend are going again this Saturday so we're hoping Rachel will be there as she was off last time due to the heavy snow.

Also for anyone going this Monday (16th) we hear that Rachel will be in the Scaramouche role. If you haven't seen her as Scara yet, get down there -- she's incredible!

"This was my first time seeing Rachel as Scaramouche and my god it was well worth the wait.An absolutely stunning performance in every department.STL was a pure delight,full of passion and power.The partnership with Ricardo was spot on and her comic timing was brilliant.Iloved the Scottish accent with the Irish twang to it.
Another faultless performance from Ricardo which is no real surprise,as mentioned he and Rachel really had that buzz between them,we had the normal end to WATC but he did get the crowd to join in for Bo Rhap.
Amanda just gets better every time i see her as Meat,she was awesome this afternoon and NOBY sent a shiver down my spine it was so emotional.She and Ian make a good team and IWIA was a belter as usual.
A strong showing from Ian as Brit and the guy just seems to have so much energy.He had to improvise for the "Death to Ga Ga" as the backing tape with the kung fu noises kicked in early and had stopped before he appeared from behind the van,he went through the motions trying to keep a straight face.
Messrs Murray and Bourne were the dream team as usual although they both came close to laughing during "Snooty little booty"."

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