Friday, 20 February 2009

West End Receipts Rocket

Despite a certain amount of snobbery from certain quarters, there is no doubt whatsoever that shows such as Maria, Joseph and IDA have done wonders for West End ticket sales in recent years.
I know many readers of this blog, including myself, have been tempted to the West End and beyond for the first time entirely through Rachel's career.
It's interesting therefore to read the article below detailing how box office sales are increasing despite the credit crunch.

In the days of the 1930s depression box office receipts for theatre and movies skyrocketed. It seems when financial times are tough the need for a little night music increases tremendously. reports that London’s West End has just completed a one-year cycle that demolishes previous box office records. 13,807,286 people attended a London theatrical production last year. The gross revenues totaled £480,563,674. Half a billion quid makes one wonder about the overall economic impact. Factoring in hotel bookings for theatre breaks and dining before and after the show the financial impact must be enormous. This kind of financial information is just a small part of the UK theatre news found everyday on the site.

West End theatre news and complete London Theatre news is updated regularly so that one could even say” before you see a show visit “ Sales for the most part were spurred forward by the smashing success of Oliver!, wicked and La Cage Aux Folles.

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