Thursday, 1 January 2009

Welcome To 2009!

First of all, I want to say a huge thank you to Andy, who has come up trumps yet again by posting all of Rachel's Weakest Link footage on the blog for posterity.

I was pleased that Rachel was on for slightly longer than I'd expected. Her early exit certainly wasn't unanimous (names have been noted lol) and certainly wasn't fair either.

Rachel -- if it's any consolation, I asked a certain wife of mine the question you passed on and she got it wrong!
Rachel also answered her second question correctly AND banked £5000, which is something I've never managed to do, so she should have stayed a lot longer.

But never mind, she managed to rally the stunned audience with a stirring version of WWRY and also slipped Anne a small explosive device whilst leaving. This may have been a WWRY toothbrush.

It was great to see Rachel on TV again, and I'd personally like to see an IDA Weakest Link, or failing that, Rachel and her family on 'Celebrity Family Fortunes.' If either happens, you read it here first.

A big thanks to everyone who has sent in their review of 2008 -- Jess' review has just been added. Jess, though a major IDA fan, has the slight geographical disadvantage of living in Massachussetts. However that hasn't stopped her being a regular reader & commenter, and above all, making some incredibly memorable and professional fan videos, including of course 'Dare you to Move' -- the definitive Rachel video.

We also have a review from Jo, who was at both opening night and Scaramouche night. If anyone else would like to contribute, please email me.

And for the ultimate review, hop over to Jessie's Blog, where Katie has surpassed herself with a brilliant 2008 round-up of all things Jessie!

We ended the year with over 58000 hits and 300 posts -- not bad eh?

So onwards and upwards for 2009. Rachel is of course scheduled to continue in WWRY until the late summer, and many of you will be going to see her at least once in that time. As always, your reviews, comments and photos will be very welcome.

Andy, Chris and I will be going on 9th March and we can get a good deal on tickets for anyone else attending that night. Just drop us an email.

No doubt Rachel will have plenty more adventures in 2009, not least a certain wedding in September, and we'll be here to keep you up to date.

In the meantime, don't forget to vote in our 'Meat / Scaramouche' poll and also the 'Whatsonstage' poll (more of which to come).

Happy New Year Everyone!


jb said...

Hi all !
David, a great post & sorry this is comment is SO late-a fab year indeed for the 'gem' Rachel.Thanks to all at team Tucker for the support you've given Jessie too, it is so much appreciated.
Roll on 2009.
best Jackie

David said...

You're more than welcome Jackie -- it's always good to have you and Katie round for a cuppa! Rachel and Jessie fully deserve our respect and support and we'll continue to do so in 2009.