Thursday, 15 January 2009

Rachel at the Oliver Opening Night

By all accounts last night's official opening of 'Oliver' was a huge success and we want to congratulate Jodie and the rest of the cast.

As a little bonus, we have some (very brief) footage of Rachel from last night.
Click on the link below -- about halfway down the page a little video will start playing.


At 1 minute 16 (how sad are we!) Rachel and Niamh appear and disrupt Sarah's lovely interview! It's a genuine ROFL moment.
And at 3 minutes 40 Rachel does a little vox pop.

Great to see the girls had such a brilliant time.

Top photo courtesy of Epcot from the Internet Forum.


Ruth said...

lol! That was so funny when they interupted Sarah!

bluelark said...

I love that interruption, so funny!
But you've forgotten to mention that a few seconds after the Sarah interview, you can see Rachel and Niamh creeping past the camera behind someone else being interviewed!

David said...

Haha nice one Bluelark I didn't spot that! At least they're behaving in that one.

Anonymous said...

"Sarah Lark! Sarah Lark! Sarah Lark!! SARAH LARK!"

lol took me the longest time to figure out what they were saying lmaoo!