Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Digital Spy Awards

This really must be the most democratic blog on the web, as we're asking you to vote again!

This time Rachel has been nominated in the 'Favourite Reality Contestant' category on the Digital Spy site. She is on page two of the 13 page survey, so you know what to do!

To vote click here:


Thanks to Katie for spotting this.

Just in case you'd forgotten how brilliant our girl was on IDA, here are a few memories courtesy of Andy.

Rachel is having a well-deserved holiday abroad this week. Have a great time guys!


Cathybabe7733 said...

I've Done My Voting
It's Now Down To The Rest Of The Public
Hope You All Had A Great Christmas And A Fantastic New Year!

Ruth said...

Where do you vote because i can't find it on the digital spy page??Happy New Year!!

David said...

Happy New Year to you too Ruth! Just click on the link.

holz said...

Done! Power to the Public!

Anonymous said...

LOL niamh is nominated for sexiest female jaosdfhohasdfoadf haha so i voted for her!

and voted all rachel and everything I'd do anything!

Chris H said...

Love the way that Rachel is the ONLY IDA contestant to be nominated for that category - Rock On Digital Spy!!