Saturday, 6 December 2008

WWRY -- The Return

Andy and I are planning to return to the Dominion on Monday 9th March 2009 for the evening show.

The reason for this particular choice of date is that I'm attending Jessie's closing performance in 'A Little Night Music' the day before, and thought I'd make it a double by seeing 'We Will Rock You' as well.

We've checked and Rachel is definitely scheduled to be on stage that night, almost certainly as Meat. This time we're going for the stalls (Andy and I were in the circle on both the opening and Scaramouche nights)and we're optimistic that we can get a good deal on seats, being a weekday.

Needless to say all fans of Rachel, not just Team Tucker, are welcome to come along.
We'll be meeting up at the Dominion before the show and a meet-up earlier in the afternoon is a possibility. And of course we'll be going to the stage door afterwards for a few photos.

If you're interested please let us know either by leaving a comment or emailing Andy or myself.


Anonymous said...

All 3 times ive been to the show i managed to get very good seats in the stalls for £32.50 each. Very good value i think!

There website is:

Or ring them they were ever so friendly to me!


Rosie said...

Theres an amazing website

2 tickets for the price of 1 for WWRY. You need to sign up for something and say that you are going to travel by train or something!
It may just be for Tuesdays and Wednesdays but its definitely worth checking out as me, Liv and Jo got good prices for Scaramouche night.

Definitely worth a peek!!

mumstheword said...

call up ticketmaster and ask for the DVD Offer. Available weekdays mon - thurs top price seats for £27.50... or if you get the right operator you can get em for £20. If they ask what DVD say Queen live at Wembley and if they dont know what it is keep pushing because it does exist.

Hope this helps!