Friday, 5 December 2008

Vote For Rachel!!!

Now where have you heard that before? This time however it's not IDA -- it's something a LOT more important! Rachel has been nominated for 'Best Takeover in a Role' for 'We Will Rock You' and the awards will be decided by public vote.

So we need YOU to vote for Rachel! The good news is that it won't cost you a penny, the bad news is that you can only vote online and only ONCE from each IP address.

So you need to get round to all your friends and relatives houses, not to mention touring your local internet cafes, to maximise the vote.

The nominees for this category are in the post below and Rachel has some tough opposition, so every vote is going to count. If you think Rachel deserves this award, you HAVE to vote and vote often.

You'll be able to vote from 5.15pm today right up to 31st January, so there's plenty of time.

Details are in the link below -- we'll be giving you reminders and updates throughout.



Emilia Lucia said...

my school has over 100 computers, pretty sure i can log onto a few of those and vote before jan 31st! go rachel :)xxx

brilliant idea of you to put it on the blog so we all know, thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

oh no Rachel AND Daniel in the same category!?!?!?!

sorry Daniel! lol