Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Rosie's 2008 Highlights

Returning from my skiing holiday back in March, with a neck-brace, my arm in a sling and a bruised rib, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. After becoming addicted to ‘How do you solve a problem like Maria?’ and ‘Any dream will do’ I found myself setting up ‘I’d Do Anything’ to record on the sky box (as I was physically unable to move!), anticipating that as I didn’t really like ‘Oliver!’ as a musical, I wouldn’t become so addicted. (Also, I have to say the Josephs were going to take some beating!)

However, as you’re all aware I became pretty obsessed and three Nancys especially stuck out: Rachel, Jessie and Niamh.
It’s taken a LOT of narrowing down, but my favourite IDA-related moments are:

- Rachel’s performance in the Bill Sykes/Rats task. That, for me, was what put her ahead of everyone else in the competition.
- Rachel’s performance in the final task with Barry Humphries – speaking the words of ‘As long as he needs me’
- Rachel & Niamh – ‘Another suitcase in another hall’
- Rachel & Jessie – ‘Buenos Aires’
- ‘The week in the life of a Nancy’ – hilarious, especially the bit with Rachel and Jessie messing around in rehearsals
- ‘The way we were’, ‘Cabaret’, ‘You’ve got a friend’, ‘I will always love you’, ‘For once in my life’ were my personal favourite performances of Rachel’s and each one I’ve got on my iPod and listen to daily! Each week she shone. They should have given her the part at the first audition but I’m glad they didn’t for a number of reasons, firstly and most importantly, we wouldn’t have seen so many amazing performances week after week!
- Probably a strange ‘favourite moment’ to have, but Rachel’s last performance of ‘As long as he needs me’ and Cameron’s comment the week after: she gave the performance of her life and became Nancy – and he was gutted!

My next favourite Rachel-related moment of 2008 was most definitely Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 60th Birthday Party in Hyde Park.
Anyone who managed to go I’m sure will agree it was the most phenomenal night (maybe it’s a bit too controversial but I think it may be my ultimate favourite Rachel-related moment of 2008!). I went with my two friends Eleanor and Rachel and we enjoyed a night of phenomenal music... John Barrowman, Idina Menzel, Lee Mead, Elaine Page, Denise van Outen (redeemed herself after some of her ridiculous comments on IDA!), Joss Stone, Duncan James, Hayley Westenra, Gina Beck... Then of course, Andrew himself! And as if the show couldn’t get any better, Rachel, Niamh AND Jessie all come onto stage and deliver a fantastic performance of ‘Light at the end of the tunnel’... WOW! (Yes David I’d have to say you were indeed an idiot to miss this).

Then, just a week later, Rachel’s Opening Night!!!! This was a fantastic night all round and started as soon as Eleanor and I arrive at the Dominion... Meeting David, Andy, Karen (again), Katie, Jackie, Hannah, Jo, Chris, Olivia and then, JODIE PRENGER!!!!! I had to eat humble pie after meeting this amazingly lovely lady, and I cannot wait to see her in Oliver! Rachel herself was just phenomenal. I really didn’t think that anyone could beat Kerry Ellis’ (the original ‘Meat’) version of ‘No-One but You’ but Rachel managed to deliver it in her own special way and it was simply beautiful. Another great moment was Eleanor and I realising that we were sitting next to some of Rachel’s family... slightly embarrassing as we were clearly cheering way too loudly and they turned to us and said “Ahhh, are you Rachel’s friends?” ... Oops. Meeting anyone at the stage door is always fantastic, but meeting Rachel was just the most exciting thing ever. After supporting her all the way through IDA it was brilliant to actually meet her – and she was so so so lovely.

Finally, Scaramouche Night. Special thank you to Jo and Liv for making this night so fantastic. We all had the best time and had a LOT in common (X Factor, Strictly, John Barrowman etc.) Rachel’s Scaramouche was flawless: hilarious, sweet and what a voice! The stage door again was fantastic – meeting Rachel AND Ricardo (yes, Rosie has a soft spot for Ricardo!)
It was a fantastic night all round – and the best news came at the end of the evening: Daniel was out of the X Factor!

Ok, I’m out – Sorry! Funnily enough I’ve managed to write a LOT here in the space of half an hour, yet my essays still remain a mess and I’ve been doing them for about 3 weeks...
Special thanks to David, Andy, Karen, Jo and Liv. You’re all great and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you all. Also thank you every other TT member I’ve met, as well as Katie, Hannah and Jackie, all of whom were lovely on Opening night!

Finally: Rachel, you are a star!
Am looking forward to everything this fantastic blog brings us in 2009!


jo said...

ahhh, that was soooo sweet rosie, i really enjoyed reading your highlights, and am very pleased to be able to call you and liv my friends!! Thankyou david, andy and karen for setting the blog up so i was able to meet rosie and liv, and thankyou especially to rachel as i would not of met all you lovely people if she hadn't of auditioned for nancy!!


David said...

Well said Jo. Rosie I love your review -- your relentlessly upbeat support for Rachel and brilliant sense of humour has been an inspiration this year. I reckon you should submit this post and your Hyde Park review to your Uni instead of all the stodgy stuff they keep asking you to write about. You'd definitely get top marks. And thanks for confirming that I'm an idiot!