Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Jess Highlights of the Rachel Year

Wow! I can't believe in just a couple of months it will already be a year since the Nancy program all started! Have I really been supporting them all that time? Oh dear! Now I could go through every little detail of my favorite Rachel moments but if that was the case you would be reading until 2010 I'm sure!

I have to say I was a late bloomer to being a Rachel fan, well at least compared to David and Andy. Right when the live shows started I labelled her as the "New Connie", which technically isn't a bad thing, but I am never one to root for the one in the lead. So I just said she was a really good performer and was probably going to win the competition. Well that was the first week! It wasn't until she hit rock bottom by being in the bottom two with Sarah that which became my first favorite moment from Rachel. "As If We Never Said Goodbye" was my favorite sing off of the series. Not just because it was so emotional and brought the hairs on my arms on end, but for the first time showed this girl called Rachel in a new light for me. She was no longer just one of the Nancys to me, she was one of my favorites. Just like that, she did a complete 180 for me and I WANTED her to win.

I think the moment that defines Rachel as a true star was much more than just a moment. How about a whole episode? The semi-final I officially refer to as "Rachel episode." She was absolutely mind-blowing!

- She started it off by giving the best solo performance of the series, probably of any of the 3 shows!

- Then to completely giving it more than 100% in "Buenos Aires."

- To leaving me breathless by just saying the lyrics to "As Long As He Needs Me", I could have listened to that forever!

- For crying her eyes out during "Memory"(awwwwwww)

- To giving an exit that will always be remembered.

The semi-final will always be my favorite Nancy hour, that's all thanks to Rachel!

And probably the only other Rachel moment that made me realize I'm seeing something very special was when she sang "As Long As He Needs Me" with Niamh in Belfast. I thought while watching it, Rachel and Niamh won't ever sing this song to an audience again; this was the last time. It made me a bit sad just thinking that. And that the performance while I could only hear and not see it, it was so uplifting! The best rendition I have heard so far, I want to say I will ever hear, but you never know! My two favorite Nancys singing one of my favorite songs; it was an electrifying moment that I will never forget.

I will definitely be re-watching all these moments over again to say goodbye to a year that has made Rachel's life into a fine one!

Thank you so much Rachel for an amazing 2008, and all the best of luck in 2009!!!

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