Monday, 22 December 2008

Jess has done it again!!!!

Our long-term readers will remember the superb Rachel IDA Fan Video which Jess (Jmor) created back in July. It was so good that Rachel herself mentioned it in one of her updates.
Since then, Jess has done the same for Jessie, Sam and Niamh as well as numerous others.
Now she has created a fantastic video for Siobhan and you really must see it!

If you're not familiar with Siobhan Dillon, who reached the final of 'Maria', just take three minutes and watch this wonderful video -- this is what Siobhan is all about! She has since starred in 'Grease' in the West End and most recently in the touring musical 'Can't Smile Without You', hence Jess' excellent song choice.


Siobhan's blog doesn't recieve as many hits as Rachel's, so I'm hoping Rachel won't mind me giving the blog, which is almost entirely run by Jess herself, a little plug. Siobhan is embarking on a solo music career in 2009 and we want to wish her every success.

As for Jess, I'm sure you'll agree she has a unique talent and I honestly think she has a major career ahead in film-making. Nice one Jess -- and erm any chance of another Rachel one?

Just in case you missed it first time round:



Naomi said...

I have seen that video before but had forgotten how good it was. I just re-watched it and laughed out loud at the line -how it is and how it should be. Very proffesional. Is it was you do Jess?

David said...

Absolutely agree Naomi -- that line/edit was pure genius. I've watched the video so many times and still find it superb. Two amazing talents.