Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Goodbye 2008

2008 has been an incredible year for Rachel.

She began by sharing a Belfast stage with Liam Neeson, got engaged to Guy, performed to millions on IDA and reached the semi-final, was offered Sally Bowles and accepted Meat in WWRY. She sang at the Belfast Proms and Pride, appeared at Hyde Park alongside the biggest names in world musical theatre, played Meg Giry at the Sydmonton workshops, ran a half marathon, appeared on the Weakest Link and presented a BBC radio show with Niamh.

And of course most importantly of all, she earned the distinction of having the best fansite in the country!

After such a momentous year, we thought it only right (not to mention self-indulgent) to recap on our favourite Rachel-related moments of 2008. So here are the thoughts of all four bloggers.

We'd all like to raise a glass to Rachel, who has made so many people so happy this year. Happy New Year everyone!

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Katie said...

Loved reading all of your highlights of 2008! Getting all nostalgic is brilliant.
Rachel is top notch - roll on 2009!