Saturday, 1 November 2008

Emily's WWRY Review

Team Tucker member Emily went to see WWRY last Wednesday with her family and has very kindly sent us her review plus this stage door photo with her brother Jack and Rachel. I think it's fair to say she was impressed!

“I went watching We Will Rock you on the 29th of October, the matinee show. Before We Will Rock You started, me and my family made sure we knew exactly where the stage door was, so we could run to it when the show had finished- to hopefully catch Rachel before she left!

The Dominion Theatre is massive and I think it doesn’t matter where you sit, you’ll still have a brilliant view. But it just so happened that we were sat on the front row in the Stalls in the middle, I could literally reach out and touch the actors on stage (if I wanted to). I was so excited to see Rachel in real life, I mean; I was in the same building as her! When she left I’d Do Anything I cried for days, but I knew she would be a Leading Lady because she is amazing.

The show started and without giving too much away, believe me, you know EXACTLY when it starts! The singing, dancing and acting is excellent and credit has to be given to the ensemble because they all have so much to do, playing different characters and appearing at random points of the show, well not random but you get the gist. And the dancing they have to do is not easy, especially when they are half hanging off the front of the stage and looking straight at the audience- brave! I was so impatient waiting for Rachel to come on it was unbelievable! After what seemed forever I heard the voice of Britney and the more familiar voice of Meat boom from offstage and sat immediately up in my seat, Rachel was actually there in front of me! Rachel and Ian have amazing onstage chemistry and I must have sat gawping at her the whole time she was on stage! ‘I Want It All’, ‘Headlong’ and ‘No-One But You’ are definitely the highlights of the show for me, although the rest of the show comes in surprisingly close! Rachel’s rendition of ‘No-One But You’ is absolutely fantastic and she makes it her own completely! She is mesmerising and is one of the reasons why I’m considering doing that song for my GCSE solo!

At this performance, Jon Boydon played Galileo and Sabrina as Scaramouche, and I would never have guessed (if they hadn’t announced it at the beginning) that Jon didn’t play Galileo on every show, he is amazing. Sabrina is just as amazing, her comic timing is excellent and her voice is incredible. It was really funny though at the end, as during an instrumental break in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Sabrina’s ‘Groupies’ (as she explained at the stage door) shouted ‘Thank-you Sabrina!’. Mazz Murray is fantastic as Killer Queen, as well as Garry Lake and Alex Bourne; I might as well name the whole cast! The use of the stage is excellent as well, very interesting and adds to the depth of the story. The story is so imaginative and the cast portray it perfectly. And the scripting is so clever and hilariously funny. During the show, when needed, the audience would dance and sing along which adds to the magic of it all. At the end, there were only a few people stood up but then I decided to stand up and then from what I could see the whole of the Stalls were on their feet and rightly so because that show should get a full standing ovation every night!

Back to Rachel, she is phenomenal. She just captivates your eyes when she’s on stage and she belongs on that stage! I met her at the stage door, and me and my brother got her autograph AND a picture! We chatted to her for a few minutes, my mum doing most of the talking as my power of speech seemed to have ran away. But both her and Sabrina recognised us from during the show when they looked at us! How cool! I asked Rachel how long it took for her to do her make-up and she said 20 minutes, which is quite quick if you think of all the make-up she has to wear! And as my mum also said it only takes me twenty minutes to put on a bit of foundation!

Her voice is gorgeous, her acting is so strong and her dancing is so energetic, you can tell she is having the time of her life up on that stage! And so she should be! She so deserves to be there and whatever she takes to next, I’ll be there without hesitation! Her autograph is going in a frame lol.

Rachel Tucker is my Hero, she is so special and it just proves that if you work hard enough for your dreams, you can achieve them!

It’s no wonder the show has been running for as long as it has! GO AND WATCH "WE WILL ROCK YOU!"


Emma said...

i thought i was the only one who framed my photo and autograph lol
sounds like you had a great time, im already trying to come over and see it again :D
may take a while though... :(

holz said...

Awesome! This is freaky I went exactly the same day as you! I saw the matinee performance aswell! I was sitting in the front row of stalls! This is wierd!I also went to the satge door before the performance so i knew where it was and met rachel at the stage door after! CREEPY!!!!!

xWestEndnBroadwayx said...

It's so weird we didn't even see each other! Rachel's amazing! btw, sorry to be replying like ten days late but ive only just got an account lol. Rachel's brilliant but i still find it freaky we didnt even see each other!