Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Children In Need

As mentioned previously, this Friday (14th) is BBC Children in Need night and the cast of 'I'd Do Anything' are scheduled to appear.

At the moment we don't have any other details. I've heard a whisper that there may be an 'Oliver' theme and that the slot has been pre-recorded, but this isn't definite, so we can all be prepared for a big surprise on the night.

When I say 'all', unfortunately that doesn't include me as I'll be at the Apollo Theatre watching 'Wicked', but Andy is going to do his very best to record the show.
I'd also like to ask any of our other readers to please try to record the IDA section as well, just in case.

Sometimes these type of appearances pop up all over Youtube (the Nancies meet Paul O'Grady for instance) and at other times are almost lost forever (Rachel's breakfast TV interview after IDA). The latter was recorded and posted on Youtube and the blog by Andy himself and hasn't surfaced anywhere else as far as I'm aware. Likewise Rachel and Niamh's Proms performances in September. We have a lot to thank Andy for!

So if you can manage a recording please do so.

Also if anyone knows any details of how many from IDA will be present or what is being performed, please email Andy.

Enjoy the show and don't forget to make a donation if you can.


Anonymous said...

like i said before i can probably get all of CID if its on BBC 1 or 2 and then just edit to keep the nancy part lol

Naomi said...

I saw the breakfast interview when it was on. I did record it too but I have no idea how to get it online. I was incredibly grateful for the proms footage though. I would have completely missed that.

The one thing I haven't found on Youtube though is the Jonathon Ross' interview with ALW and John Barrowman. I didn't record it but have looked for it since. I liked it becuase ALW says that the hardest decision on any of the shows was the one to get rid of Rachel. I think we all no why - because it was the wrong one.

David said...

Woah Naomi I never saw that one -- hope it surfaces at some stage.
Not putting Rachel in the final following her Cabaret performance was just, well, this is a public site so I can't say what I really think.
But we know who the ultimate winner was in terms of subsequent success and we're going to see her this Saturday.

Naomi said...

I KNOW! I am so excited.