Thursday, 20 November 2008

Andy's Scaramouche Night Photos

It's only right that this picture is back on top of the blog as I think it's the best we've ever posted. Rachel with David's little princess Catherine.

Helen was delighted to get a photo taken with Rachel but I'm sure the highlight of her night was being able to sit by me in the theatre. Or maybe not lol.

Jo and Rachel - again lol - from a slightly different angle.

Rosie and Rachel look like great old friends in this shot.

Yes I know we've seen this one before as well but it's a great picture of Olivia, Rosie and Jo with Rachel and it's worth seeing again; especially as Rachel is looking right at me.

And finally another picture of me and Rachel.I was going to settle for one this time but Jo - See Note Below - suggested taking another shot. Surprisingly I didn't take much persuading lol.

It appears my memory has let me down AGAIN as it was Naomi who took the excellent shot of me and Rachel above. I really can't trust myself to remember anything that happened more than 10 minutes ago.


Naomi said...

It was me. And what an excellent second picture it is.

Andy said...

Sorry Naomi. Thanks so much for taking such an excellent shot.

My memory really is awful.

I'll adjust the post now.

Katie said...

Great photos!

Bree said...

Blimey, how long has Catherines hair got??

David said...

Well spotted Hazel -- Catherine is still holding out for the lucrative Rapunzel role.

helen said...

Awesome photos--which is completely fitting as it was an awesome, wonderful night. I'm still weighing up whether I enjoyed meeting Rachel or sitting next to Andy more; I'll give the diplomatic answer and say that they were both integral elements of a fantastic evening!

I must thank Andy very, very much, as without him I would probably still be wandering the streets of London in search of Covent Garden!!

It was absolutely amazing to meet the fantastic Team Tucker gang, at long last, you're all magnificent :)

And Rachel as Scaramouche? Well, it was, quite simply, one of the best things I've ever seen in my life. Man that girl's got talent. And she's so nauseatingly friendly and patient and gracious too. I'm totally jealous ;) Has she got brothers?? ;);) (if you know what I mean!!)

Andy said...

LOL - You're too kind Helen.

It was a fantastic night and being able to share the experience with you and other TT members made it even more special.

No problem regarding the walk around Covent Garden. Thankfuly even with my poor sense of direction I managed to get back to my Travelodge lol.

Rosie said...

Great pictures Andy.
And me and Rachel are old friends, did i never tell you?!!