Monday, 20 October 2008

Velma Kelly Edges Poll

It was impossible to pick a winner of our poll 'Which Roles Would You Choose For Rachel?’ Elphaba, Sally Bowles and Velma Kelly were neck and neck virtually from start to finish.

However on the final day one role did edge ahead to steal victory and it was my personal favourite, Velma Kelly. Elphaba and Sally Bowles were left 2 votes behind in joint second.

Reading about the role on various websites they often describe Velma as a flashy, murderess and famous stage performer. Rachel would be so good in this role.

They usually look for a woman between 23 and 30 so Rachel would still fit the bill after her 'We Will Rock You' contract ends next September.

As we know Rachel is also a fantastic mover and that’s another reason why I think she'd be perfect for this part because the role involves intense dancing.

Hopefully this time next year we'll be going on another Team Tucker outing to see Rachel in a new role and you never know, it could be Velma Kelly.


helen said...

Great result! I was hoping it would be Velma Kelly. Her big numbers in Chicago would really suit Rachel's voice and Rachel has the perfect look for the role.

Makes me wonder what Rachel would say is her absolute dream role - after Meat, of course!!

rachiikins said...

Yay! I voted for Velma Kelly :D